I feel good.. nanananana na! So good.. so good… ..

Well so far today has been brilliant. I feel happy and motivated and full of beans for the first time in a few days. I am always reasonably motivated and happy but today more so. I was woken at 5am with the most amount of cuddles and little messages of love in my ear. I get woken like this every day but today I actually felt awake myself (I’d had a good 7 hours sleep infused with frankincense and camomile before bed and only a light veggie meal for tea)rather than feeling very drowsy and sleepy and wishing I had more time in bed. I actually thought it was much later than it was.. I have to admit I did feel a bit cheated out of my extra few hours in bed but when you feel this good then what’s the point in hanging around? So everything has happened a bit earlier than normal today; meditation (which was really good today), exercise ( good old Davina and boot camp style exercise followed by half hour of Tara Styles yoga- she’s really good) then onto my heat and air then smoothie and supplements and then getting myself ready for my clients this afternoon. I have also got ready for the next few days as this evening after my last client I will be driving down to visit my mummy! Yay! I am looking forward to it but it makes me laugh every time I go down. I pack as if I am moving in.

So today all in all has been really good mental fitness- part of the ten point plan. To top that I had time to start considering my next holiday (of course if our funds can stretch that far what with going to Germany every month) I want a holiday a month! Who doesn’t right? Well I am hoping to go somewhere hot in May and then July make our annual trip to the White Isle hopefully and then later in the summer take Pete’s daughter away to spend some quality time together. Then after that the list goes on… but let’s not get too excited. Of course I think about booking and planning things all with an air of trepidation. I am assuming everything will be ok and nothing is going to stop me but I have to be fluid. This word keeps popping up in my head. Fluid is the best way to describe our situation. I cannot be and shouldn’t be rigid and cannot be hard and fast on any decision. But that’s’ ok I guess. I am hoping I won’t be going back to Germany every month after May (when my next scan will be) every hopeful and ever excited for the future. I reckon Pete and I deserve a bit of down time. Our friend says we have been on ‘red alert’ for so many years that eventually we could burn out. I totally agree. I wonder if that’s why I feel so tired at the moment. The bear said that for the first time in ages I have had good news and just for a while, a little while my body and mind agree it’s time to take a step back.. Hell yeah! I agree. I don’t find things so much of chore these days. My rituals flow and I feel like my daily prayer and promise just get said as soon as I wake up and then my visualisations happen when I least expect it. I don’t have to try really hard right now. I just hope it’s enough.

I received a letter from breast cancer breakthrough thanking me for the money they have received so far from the bracelets and kind donations that has been made. They are thrilled with my or should I say our efforts and have given me three forms to complete so that I can dedicate my challenge to someone special and be featured on their wall. I am very excited about this but am stuck. I hadn’t considered who to donate it. I think I should take some time to consider this. I haven’t got anyone directly to me that has died of breast cancer (except my Nan when I was little girl- but I don’t remember her) I think that I want to dedicate to everyone that has been helping me. Including gift aid they say I have raised a whopping £3357.50! Woohoo! Well this should keep climbing as I have more to sell and more to be made.

The cancer vaccine institute want me to send some bracelets there so that they can sell them on their website. This is too cool! Before I know I will need to think of the next thing that can be sold so that I can continue to raise money… an anklet?! Ok lacking imagination right now but I have been up since 5am!

Anyway got to go my client is about to arrive and I must put on my leopard print apron.. I know a mental image is hilarious! I love animal print.. Nothing wrong with that!