Lots of muddy waters

Did more research into Biosciences and Dr S Ray. Lost doesn’t quite add up and the Company that he is the Chief Scientist for is almost bankrupt. Redermis.

However what does this mean and is it relevant – have also found masses amounts of info supporting cell therapy – this seems to be the pattern with cancer. Claim, counter claim and lots of muddy waters.

Today’s whiskey tango foxtrot moment is “WATER” full of poisons so off to get a filter.

Mr Slevin at the LOC put me in touch with Professor Angus Dalgleish at St Georges University Hospital, who is simply a genius. We discussed Dendritic, immunology and RFA and diet.

The big thing to come out of this is that Vitamin D3 is a must – looking at 2000 – 4000 IU per day. That’s 100mg.