Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday…and everything is fine……..

Had an online appointment with Dr Kate James yesterday. It was good to speak with her and get more reishi supplies ordered. She says she had no doubt that I would be doing well as I am a woman on a mission. I won’t need to have another appointment with her now for many months.

Yesterday I had a few clients returning after a year of not seeing them. I was greeted with more lovely flowers… I’m a lucky girl. They all say how well I look. I have to say that today I have barely coughed and don’t feel at all ill… whoop!

I’ve been told twice today that I have put on weight (on my face) and that I look really well. Now I find this hard to take! As a typical woman worrying about weight (old habits die hard) I guess I have to admit the weight has gone on over the last 5 months. Apparently I look healthier still this is ringing alarm bells in my head. I don’t want to put on weight I like me as I am now. I just can’t help eating! Pete says I am silly for mentioning it but I can’t help it! I have to love myself just the way I am… hard though.

I’ve been getting myself organised today in between clients as I am going to Birmingham tomorrow for a MAC make up master class in bridal make up. It’s been a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to it. Also I get to visit some good friends too. This is all timed nicely for the weekend when my best friend get s married and I am doing her wedding make up.

Tonight I will decide which dress I will be wearing at her wedding. You’d think it’s me getting married! Ha ha!

I received a lovely card from another client of mine who said she saw it and thought of me… See what you think. I love it. So kind and thoughtful and so TRUE!

The sun has finally made an appearance so I’m going to wait for my hubby in the back garden…