It’s all sausage, meat, potatoes and huge desserts!

On our one day off from travelling and driving we have been sight seeing around Munich Bear styly.. As of no surprise to anyone that knows him- he had a plan!

From 10am he mapped a route of the most exciting and popular must see spots (aswell as personal ones). Our feet are killing us! We have walked for 6 hours- point two got a hammering.

To be honest I pooey this morning and so tried and achey. But I didn;t want to miss out and waste a good opportunity. Also the sun has been shining all day. I have just been informed we walked approximately 12 miles today! No wonder our feet hurt!

A highlight from todays tour was the English Garden with the Chinese Tower. Once again live oompa, steins and masses of locals. Such a great happy welcoming atmosphere.

Only one down side to being here is the food. It’s all sausage, meat, potatoes and huge desserts. The one and only time when I felt sad I wasnlt eating my old diet. That soon faded when Pete hunted down a very cool vegetarian restaurant called Prinz Myskin. OMG! So tasty- I’m such a happy girl.) OO and Jurgen Klinsman was on the table next to us)

I seriously cannot believe what a lucky girl I am. I have such a good man…

From the moment I awake with a soft kiss on my forehead, to a warm fluffy towel wrapped around me when I get out of the shower, to the thought and detail that goes into our whole days activities, to the arm that pulls me in and keeps me safe as I close my eyes at night….

He took me onĀ  aroute to surprise me with a statue of the Angel of Peace. That’s something we could both do with. I’d love to wake up in the knowledge that life wasn;t so life and death..

No one said it was going to be easy.. well they didn’t have a Bear to share it with did they?smiley-innocent.gif X