Heart chakra increases experiences of tranquility

Today once again I focused on number three of the ten point plan. I met with two long term friends and their little people for lunch. It’s so life enhancing chatting. People may think discussing cancer all the time can be boring and a constant reminder but it’s actually quite cathartic (also as long as who you are speaking to does not give you that look of pity with a tilted head.)


Also it’s great just chatting about holidays, clothes etc.. I love my friends. I feel so full after seeing them.

When I got home I received a package fromĀ  detoxyourworld.com. My order of Etherium pink and black had arrived. Now for non believers this will all sound like a load of rubbish but for those with an open mind- here goes…

Dr Kate James recommended Etherium powders to me. I had never heard of them so was keen to try them out.


Etherium powders are natural monotomic elements.


Etherium Pink — An Experience of the Heart. Affects flow of energy into the heart chakra.

Harmonic Innerprizes Pink is a composite of naturally occurring diamagnetic and paramagnetic elements that can enhance the flow of energy into the heart chakra. Love is the Universal energy that ultimately fuels our physical and etheric bodies. When the heart chakra is opened, an experience of Oneness engulfs us. It allows us to experience deeper contact with all that surrounds us. It helps us to accept and understand our challenges as extensions of a Divine plan.

The opening of the heart chakra increases experiences of tranquility and evolves the spirit to greater understanding of self and greater compassion towards others. Compassion increases the capacity of altruism and selfless service, which in turn brings grace and the fulfillment of our true life’s purpose.

Etherium Black — is a purifier, its energy field has the information that cleanses and makes pure. Physically, it aids the natural processes of the body to rid biologically negative chemicals. Etherically, especially in the homeopathic version, it purifies the emotion of love.

Black consists of diamagnetic and paramagnetic elements that have a detoxifying effect on the body and a purifying effect on the spirit. Black seems to remove anything that is not in harmony with the higher good of the individual, or not in harmony with the energy of the spirit of the individual.

I immediately tried the powders out. It was like being a kid again when you accidentally drop your lolly in the dirt or sand box! I have to admit though,the etherium pink made me feel ‘different’. I’m going to continue with it and hope I feel more centred and more ‘love’.