A quick visit to Leipzig

Another night of very disturbed sleep is leaving me with very sore eyes. I have no idea why I feel this way as I should be very relaxed with all this time on my hands but I guess that’s often the way. We checked out of our hotel in Duderstadt this morning and I attended […]

European tour- days one to four

We’ve had a brilliant few days. Driving all over Europe never gets tiring. Not for me anyway! Pete doesn’t seem to mind either. This weekend was spent walking and taking in Amsterdam. It’s not a place I’ve ever really had a desire to go to but I would highly recommend it! Unsurprisingly the red light […]

Back from our exciting European tour…

This is the longest I haven’t blogged before but it has been a busy week. Having friends over last Thursday our little trip and ‘holiday’ started with a lovely meal that evening. Friday morning we had a really early start to the Eurotunnel hoping to hop on an earlier train. Sadly it was ultra busy […]

Auf weidersehen, adieu Europe!

We had a great morning in Brugge. It really is a beautiful cool little place with all the swans an’ that. 🙂 My arm is a little swollen from the vaccination yesterday but nothing to worry about. I have been really pleased with myself this time we have been away. I have stuck to my […]