Is it possible to have too much sleep?

 I’ve had another mammoth night’s sleep and as usual Pete gets up at the crack of dawn and goes to work making sure I’m all still tucked up in the dark and warm. It’s making it really hard to get up. Yesterday was just weird. I felt exhausted but for no reason. I still managed to get things done but it didn’t flow. I struggled again to get going this morning but managed to blitz exercise, yoga and meditation followed by heat and air. I’m not sure why I feel like I do at the moment. I love have loads of energy and feeling really excited about everything. Part of me wants to laze in the sun and the other nagging parts wants to get the cabin creosoted and the bench painted and the house repairs done. But I simply don’t seem to have the energy or even the need to get it done. I keep thinking that if I leave it today tomorrow I will feel better. I can’t actually decide if I am sleeping too much? Is that possible? I think it is….. But I remind myself that I need to exercise more as chronic tiredness can be overcome by acute tiredness.. Or is the other way round?! Well I know what I mean. Exercise will get rid of this terrbily sleeping feeling…. I need more!

I’m going to working this afternoon so that normally wakes me up, then I am going to be making yet more bracelets. Can you believe it? Donations have slowed right down naturally but I am up to £5623. I reckon we can get to £6000.

 Some more research coming through on Google alerts are from the Galapagos. It is a bit difficult it explain so here is the link to read more about it.

Going back to Dr Nesselhut on Tuesday he said he expects and hopes for me to live a natural life span but really hopes the disease will go completely. Me too! Those little comments stick in mind. But I feel more and more positive that I am going to be fine. I can honestly belive that I will completely be free of canSer. I think I am already getting a bit twitchy knowing the next ct scan is only in two weeks……

ONwards and upwards….I’ve decided I need to update my mood board. I want to add that I will learn to speak German. It has to be done with the amount of visits I have been and will be making to the Fatherland. Also Pete is fluent in German so it is only right that I make the effort. He translates everything for me at the moment and that just makes me lazy! I learnt French at school so I am finding it a tad tricky.

It seems one of the many destinations on my list of places to visit will be crossed off soon! Pete has planned to take me away for the weekend as a surprise but accidentally told me where it is…Rome! Whoop”! I’m very excited. Poor Pete was gutted that it slipped out but it doesn’t bother me knowing. I don’t know where we are staying so that is still a surprise. Molto eccitato! That’s very excited in Italian!

It’s already Friday tomorrow and the week as usual has flown by. We will be spending our afternoon with Ray. He is 90 years old tomorrow! I honestly cannot believe he has made it this far with all his illnesses and hospital stays but he is stronger than ever and bright as a button. I decided it would be cruel to get 90 candles for his cake so have bought s a 9 and a 0 candle. Bless him.

Then the weekend will be upon us when I am taking a trip to the seaside. Brighton to be exact. Never a dull moment for us! Can’t wait to see old friends. (Really old friends from when I was at school!)

Crazy Sexy Diet

Saturday morning was spent doing chores together then exercise and smoothies then off to our retreat, the boat, to be alone and close to nature and to spend some time doing some serious reading. The weather improved slightly and we spent the afternoon rugged up. I managed to complete the Crazy Sexy Diet. It is so inspiring and exciting to think that I am in charge of my body. The author focuses on meditation and yoga. She also spells with an S like this, canSer. This is to take its power away. I like that. I may have canSer but I truly believe that I am making a difference and it will not control me. I am in control it and if I have to live with it then I will respect it. But it’s not ‘my’ canSer.  Although I am doing yoga I really do need to find myself a class or teacher to learn more to become more spiritual and in tune with myself. I thank my best friend Lizzy Beans for introducing this book and way of thinking.