Triple Negative Breast Cancer day and the first day of GcMAF…

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness day…

And the first day of GcMAF.

We spent the morning in our hotel room. Pete has set up his Swiss office of his business right here in our room. A lot has been happening here…

I have done yoga, sorted emails, done a sketch and started reading. It’s all the things I wish I get time for at home but never find the time.

At 2pm we went to the ‘clinic’ which is more of a stately home. We were met by lovely staff that made us feel really welcome. We met Prof Marco Ruggeiro who is a charming Italian. To being I had a full body ultra sound scan. Both Pete and I held our breaths as we hoped nothing sinister would be found. Our prayers were answers and actually the prof said my internal organs and lymph nodes under my arms looked great. Such a relief!

He couldn’t use sonography to look into my lungs. He wants to read the blood supply in my spleen as well as my pressure to tell if my lungs/ lesions are improving and are taking more macrophages.

I have been asked not to blog about my treatment at GcMAF. So I won’t detail exactly what I have been having. I can only assume it’s because of people comparing their treatments and the treatment is provided individually. The aim of the ‘game’ is to improve and increase macrophages which stimulate the immune system… There are a number of ways GcMAF /goleic acid can be administered; by injection, suppository in the rectum so the treatment works through the lover, by nebuliser and inhaling it into the lungs and eating it in a yoghurt.

Everyone’s treatment is different. I was weighed by a spectacular machine which told me my BMI, how many calories I should eat each day (2384) and it also told me my physical age… 33!Yeha! I’ll take that one.

Marco went into huge detail about keeping well with exercise, diet and supplements. He wants me to put on weight- mainly muscle and has prescribed me amino acids. 30 per day to be exact!

All in all it went well all except them requiring I stay until Monday. They want to treat me over the weekend too and then scan me on Monday. Initially we agreed but on trying to change flights, car hire, car park, hotel and work commitments the total additional charges would be about £2000!

I felt a bit annoyed at this as I had asked before I left if I needed to extend the time I had originally booked. They told me no. I will simply have to go without.

After my treatment the sun had shone and we headed to Lake Geneva to watch the sun set over the French and Swiss Alps… Absolutely stunning…..

First day of chemo.. DONE!

I took my first day’s chemo which is now vinorelbine. It’s funny as I don’t think I am nervous. I feel fine, calm but then bam! My tummy gets funny, my sleep is disrupted. It makes me wonder am I holding back my true feelings? This I know is not good for canSer. I think change makes me nervous. What will I feel like on these drugs? Will I get nausea, mouth ulcers, numb hands and feet? Or will my body be amazing like it has been in the last 12 months?

I was offered and adviced to have a flu jab by the nurse on Wednesday as I would be prone to infection with my immunity dropping. I’ve never been offered this before. I was quite excited! But now I need to judge when would be a good time to do it. It may be good as it sparks a response in my immunity. I’m certain once I get over my fear I will be fine. I’m in tip top condition. …  Must stay strong.

The downside in one respect to taking chemo is the anti sickness medication and steroids. Luckily I only take them on the same day as the chemo but we all know these have side effects like constipation and tiredness.  So far so good so hopefully I will be fine.

Holding onto feelings is never advised for anyone, let alone when one has canSer. Being true to one’s self and trusting the Universe is really the only way to fully let go. On reading Louise Hays book I know that the fact canSer is (apparently) in my lungs means I have a fear of letting life flow. This is sooooo true! We must listen to the inner goddess and trust yourself. There is no right or wrong so just go for it!

I have been listening to Deepak Chopras meditation challenge these last few weeks. One particular meditation really stood out for me when he said to imagine a mountain and path which is covered by weeds and overgrowth. Deepak said to imagine the path going all the way to the top of the mountain where it is lush and beautiful. Don’t stray from the path just persevere and remove the debris and slowly you will get there. Imagine reaching the top and the feeling of achievement and serenity. …..Must keep going!