Flying visit to Duderstadt….

Side effects have really been getting me down the last week. At least that’s what I hope they are. A constant headache and that bloody nagging cough.

I have completed the il2 round 6 and the new imm101 jab has been gradually getting bigger and had now decided to get oozy.

The weekend was lovely with friends visiting but prior to their arrival I just felt rubbish. I whined and moaned and despite wanting to do some gardening jobs I got myself on the sofa under the Bears orders.

The problem with ailments is never knowing for real what is causing them. As with all canSer patients their minds will run away with them. I have now decided to be logical and really think back as to when all these annoying side effects started. I think they could be an accumulation of things over the last few months. I also thought that the nausea I had been experiencing could be down to them too. I think I feel a bit better with the knowledge that although I feel sore throated and tired that it could all just a sign of things working.

We got up at 4am today to get to the airport for our morning flight to Hannover. It’s been about ten weeks since we saw Dr Nesselhut last and I am ready for this round. I do know that tonight could be another night of fevers. My body has been going through it with all these infections and immune stimulating things going on.

So today I have had zometa, il2, hyperthermia, Newcastle disease virus and air. A well as this I asked for my bloods to be taken for my next visit. I feel fine right now, if a little tired but I am ready for tomorrow’s stint too.

Pete is here with me, as usual and I am so pleased he is. The roads were horrific getting down here with traffic and roadworks. I aim to have an early snuffly night in the ultra comfortable beds at the Zum Lowen plus we have been given a room with a mahoosive bath! Whoop… A big soak in the tub! Falala!

We finish tomorrow at about lunchtime but our flight back isn’t til 9pm…..

Until Wednesday…. Xx

So I have booked flights, hire car and hotel all ready for it….

My second day of working and I love it -again! I really cannot wait to have more time to work. It sounds mad doesn’t it? Most people are normally saying they can’t wait til they don’t have to work so much but for me I have worked so hard being self employed and building my clientele that it was a hard decision when I decided that I had to stop working- firstly because of the chemo and the reduced immunity it causes; so working up close and personal with people wasn’t ideal. But now I spend so much of my time trying to stay well – I love it- don’t get me wrong but I miss the feeling of pride when clients love the results of the treatments I offer. Gives me money, obviously, and also a feeling of purpose. One day, I’ll be back full time. Anyway I have now ‘broken up’ for Christmas! Ha ha!

I have had confirmation of the appointments for our next trip to Germany. So I have booked flights, hire car and hotel all ready for it. Efficient.. that’s what I am!

Since I have been taking the chemo drugs I have to eat at least 30 minutes before taking them so I have now found my perfect breakfast. Quinoa with warm almond milk or hot water with chopped hazelnuts and cinnamon sprinkled on top. It reminds me a bit of mums rice pudding.. mmmm. Great way to start the day, hugely alkaline and quinoa is the only food with all of the essential amino acids in proper and adequate amounts and proportions for utilisation by the human body! So even more perfect- if that’s possible. That’s my tip for day.

I want to thank all my lovely ladies for the kind words, cards and prezzies I have received! I can’t wait for Christmas day. smiley-wink.gif

Bear isn’t home til later this evening so I’m going to detox in an epsom salt bath and have sweet potato curry for dinner. (I talk about food a lot don’t I? A proper little German girl- Pete says smiley-laughing.gif)