What will you do when you regain your health again?

Yesterday I was meant to go to acupuncture but one thing or another I didn’t quite make it. I am finding the journey to Farnham a little too long so may need to find a local therapist to do it for me. Instead I took back the dresses that I bought for the wedding that I ending up not needing and got on with some chores. For me getting things done makes my head clear. I do sometimes feel though I am trying to avoid doing the things I really should such as visualising and reading. I do feel much more balanced and strong in myself these days.

I spent a short while visualising and I keep picturing the little lung tumours being popped by a pin then my lungs filled with happy butterflies. Are butterflies happy? Well they are in my head!

I had clients in the afternoon so in between eating (yes eating. I want to eat my body weight in salad and falafels!) I did manage to really get stuck into my book ‘You can conquer cancer’ Sounds heavy but it’s very positive and uplifting. To be honest it really just emphasises the things I know and do already but helps make it more real.

One question in it is, ‘What will you do when you regain your health again?’

Oo this is a good one. I guess you think you will go back to living like before but then I wasn’t really living in the present. I can’t help but think I would like to devote my life to a child and really give it my undivided love and attention. This is of course if I can have one. If not then I’ll have to get a dog! I don’t have any major plans as to what I want from life. I want to help others, see lots of the world and I want to make a difference and to be happy and in love. Not much to ask I don’t think?

I’ve just been rebounding for this morning’s exercise.. Phew I’m sweaty..  Getting ready for a good day ahead -it makes you feel energised. On with my day then we have a weekend of visitors (my mum and sister in law) so that’s something to look forward to and apparently some sunshine. Yay!

Changing subject, my therapist told me about license free music to use for my treatment room so that I don’t get hounded by the authorities.  www.ichillmusic.comsells and downloads license free music that is really relaxing which can be used in any business free from license fees. It’s really good music… I can’t decide what to buy first?!