Happy Friday Everyone!

Who’s got that Friday feeling? It’s not as if I have anything to let my hair down for as my week has been altogether lovely as usual. The right balance of work and joy. However, there is nothing like a Friday. For me knowing that the weekend with my Bear is ahead and meeting our friends then going for a day at a spa courtesy of an anniversary gift is so much to look forward to. (It’s taken six months to book but we got there in the end!)

I was due to be working this afternoon however my client cancelled. I always think when cancellations occur that maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something. The energy that I put out there clearly needed me not to share my energy by doing facials or massage. Maybe as I had chemo yesterday and had an off day I need to build my energy up and be kind to myself.

Yesterday was day 21 of the chemo cycle, which means I had to take the higher dose of tablets and then I have a week off next week. Yay! I try to be really positive and not look for side effects but I can’t help it that I do feel a bit yucky. I’m much better today but yesterday and last night I suffered with diarrhoea and a very sore tummy. I decided despite this to have a coffee enema. I always think it’s best to get all the toxins out as quick as possible. I feel much better now. Just a little bit rumbly in the tum.

So being kind to myself is what I am planning on doing this afternoon. I have done some chores, like changing bed covers. I love changing the bed covers. It means that tonight the bed sheets are going to be crisp and fresh. It’s one of my highlights! I love sleeping so much… And sleep has been pretty good recently. I have been getting into a routine of eating earlyish in the evening, having an Epsom salts bath a few times a week and trying not to drink too many fluids late on in the evening. And of course we always go to bed at a reasonable hour. And to top it we are not drinking alcohol and we are exercising daily. I think this combination means we get really sound restful sleep. I must be sleeping well as despite all my efforts to lie in when Pete leaves in the mornings I am wide awake including this morning. Knowing I didn’t have any clients and the fact that yesterday wasn’t my best day I still woke bright and early. I am 3 months into the health coaching course I signed up for. Part of this week’s homework is to write ‘morning pages’ I guess they are a bit like writing a journal but you write absolutely everything that comes to mind first thing in the morning. Even things like,’ I feel sleepy’, ‘I want to go back to bed’, get written down. The idea is that you declutter your mind and eventually creative thoughts and intuition come through to grow as an individual. So being wide awake, that’s what I started doing this morning. It’s quite cathartic.

As part of my course I have a conference call or join a ‘coaching circle’ once a month. For about an hour I speak to other members in my group and a mentor. I had this call yesterday. I have to say it’s really interesting hearing other people’s thoughts and goals. Sometimes having canSer you think you are the only person in the world with problems but everyone has some kind of history and ‘thing’ they need to let go of. It’s very empowering and so far I am really enjoying the course and can’t wait to complete it and become a fully fledged graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

If anyone is interested in doing the course; it is an online course with modules released weekly. It’s really empowering as you are studying with people from all over the world and some of the best known health bloggers are graduates of the course. If you are interested in joining and making huge changes in your life and looking for a career change then click here and let them know Claire Grant referred you;


This week has been Happiness Week on BBC Radio One. Apparently January can be depressing and an anti climax after the highs of Christmas and New Year celebrations. I like it. I like Happiness Week. It’s an excuse to smile, be cheerful with everyone and spread the love. So with this in mind I heard this tune on the radio this morning and wanted to share it with you. If like me you want to get up and shimmy… Go on no one is looking!  Here is Gorgon City with Ready for your love; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B93tgRxMuE

I’m off to plant some seeds that were bought for me for Christmas. I am going to be growing goji berries, cucamelons, microgreen herbs and electric daisies (apparently these taste like fizzy sherbet and 9 volt batteries! Oo-er! And for my kitty I am planting catmint.

I am a domestic goddess!

Not to bring the happy mood down I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with a lovely lady’s friends and family, as another good women is taken by TNBC. She was vibrant and a real fighter. She will be sorely missed.

Linda wouldn’t want to put a downer on ‘Happiness Week’ so with that in mind Happy Friday everyone!