I’m shocked at what was in there (a bit too much information?)

Today was the day for the colonic… It went very well actually. Carol Kramer in Oxford is very knowledgable with nutrition and it was good to find that my diet was definitely on the right track. Colonic is essential to unblock and remove toxins especially ridding of fats and a hefty meaty diet. She gave me hope as well by telling me stories of people she had met that had brain tumours and other cancers and all through their diets it had either disappeared or shrunk. I love that. I definitely think that we are in control of our bodies and by removing all toxins where possible that it will have a huge effect on dis-ease. She reaffirmed the fact that sugar is a big No-No. I am still astounded that I was told sugar made no difference by medical professionals. Anyway going into the nitty gritty- a lot came out! I’m shocked at what was in there (a bit too much information?) If you would like her details please let me know.

I am still following the Crazy Sexy Diet 21 day cleanse. Evey day it includes affirmations, a prayer and a focus. I have attached an image with todays focus and I did what she asked. It was fun. Made me smile and feel good.To be honest I have been feeling good ever since I had acupuncture and healing on Monday. Sleep is great. The infra red lamp at night is so warming and the essential oils make me drift off to dreamland. Of course having a big arm over me in bed makes me feel safe too. 🙂