Sally Sat Nag took us off the beaten track to Munich…

Sadly due to a headlight going we had to that replaced in our spare time so missed the Angel lady today- the mystery regarding the angels continues.. maybe it;s not time yet.

After my dendritic cell vaccination (this time 13 million cells- a good number I feel) we ujmped in our chariot on a long trip to Munich. We decided to investigate parts that we hadn’t ventured before.

Sally Sat Nav (or Nag as she’s known) decided to take us off the beaten track- whichh although beautiful was taking forever! We finally arrived in Munich by 8pm.

Rewinding back to treatment today- Cindy increased the temperature of the hyperthermia treatment up to 43.8 degrees. It;s no discomfort to me but as the ten point plan says canSer doesn’t like heat. Anything over 42 degrees and it sends into retreat.

Back to Munich- we are staying in a very funky hotel called the Coccon Stachus. It has an orange sphere hanging chair in the room!

Pete, being half German loes to get amongst it, so we set off on a little tour of the old town at 9pm at night!

Ho homes in on the Hofbrauhaus whihch is large 1000 plus seater beer keller which had traditional live music playing. We walked in and it was like going back in time. The staff were all wearing traditional dress, as too were the band who were playing oompa music, whilst the guests all drank huge 2 litre steins/jugs of different beers- one word- Hilarious! We squeezed onto a table with an old couple and swayed for a few hours whilst pete taught me German drinking songs!

Off to bed, I’m pooped. Prost!

I had better start practising my German…

I had the best nights sleep last night- all thanks to the acupuncture and healing as well as a tasty cabbage soup- Thanks Bear. x

This morning was very exciting as I had a phone call from Doctor Nesselhut in Germany. He is such a nice fella and gave me a breakdown of what to expect. I am going to be having a combination of dendritic cell treatment combined with Newcastle Disease Virus (kills birds but not humans- phew! but does kill cancer cells) over the course fo a week I will have a number of treatments as well having hyperthermia. This is where the body is exposed to body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, which is why i have an infra red lamp at home too. It all helps right? So Pete and I are off on a road trip to Duderstadt. I will give you a breakdown every day I am there.

Doctor Nesselhut says the combination of treatments is very effective in the lungs and brain but has also treated many triple negative breast cancer babes before.

Today I have also been trawling the internet for the additional supplements that I was recommended such as, red clover, astralagus membraneous, cleaver, ashgawandha, chaparral, and biobran. Now obviously it could get very expensive buying all the supplements but the way I see it is, what I am saving on alcohol I am spending on goodness! 🙂 From what I can see all of the supps are for major immunity boosting.

I sent my lovely clients an email today informing them of my current news. I am so lucky to have such supportive clients. Their emails are very are so kind. Warm and fuzzy inside. X