Couldn’t sleep last night- I kept imagining my life in illustration!

Yesterday I had reflexology. I was really lookingn forward to it and hoping that the therapist, Claire would see significant positive changes in my feet. Ever hopeful for any little snippet, me! She said my feet felt great, which in health terms is good. She picked up some points that showed my digestive system was a bit sluggish and there were a few tender spots like my diaphram/solar plexus in my right foot. Now in reflexology┬á terms not only do your feet reflect points in your body like a map but the left and right side relate to the past and the present, for example. The tender area was on my past foot. The solar plexus is where we hold a lot of emotional tension but in my present foot it was fine. I see that as a break through. I have to admit that my emotional side and my head are my biggest battle. She didn’t pick up areas in my lungs and really felt that apart from a few areas that I’m feeling really good She did this ‘linking’ move that used energy and my pulse to release areas of tension. OMG! It was mad. I really felt like I was rocking and my heart beat was pulsing. Claire said that this was my autonomic nervous system, the one that controls fight or flight. Well there’s no surprise there then.

Overall I think Claire is an awesome therapist and I cannot wait for my next appointment. smiley-laughing.gif

Early yesterday I made a visit to the hospital to see my breast care nurse. She is lovely. As I have lost so much weight the prothesis I have been given is too big for me. Now I know ladies brast vary in size but this was ridiculous! I have shrunk but at least I am even…. Phew.

I’m not sure if it was the reflexology or the fact that I have been getting very excited about doing my little sketches on the ipad but last night I simply couldn’t sleep. It’s so unlike me! I didn’t get to sleep till about 2am.. Boo. I kept thinking of my life in illustration format and drawings i want to do next that depict scenes in our life. I’m mad, I am sure of it!

So I have packed for our next journey to Germany- treatment number 4. We go tonight to make a slow crossing to Duderstadt. I’ll try and keep up to date with the blog whilst I am away.

For now I hope you enjoy my sketches below.

Auf Weidersen!