Unpacking and packing again ready for Germany trip…

I’m back home again. I left mum’s this morning to beat the Saturday shopping traffic. I arrived to an empty house and have been pottering until my man arrived home.

I have been unpacking and re packing again. Tomorrow we head off at some ungodly hour to get to Heathrow for a flight to Germany for my next round of dendritic cell therapy and gamma delta therapy… (Hoping the lab work is good this time and Pete’s cells can be used.)

This wouldn’t normally be a problem but as per there is always a spanner trying to get in the works. This morning it has been reported there are huge issues with flights due to a technical issue at Swanwick traffic air control. There have many cancellations. Oh well I guess we will have to wait and see. At 4am tomorrow I will have to check online and go to the airport. If it looks like it is cancelled then we have to hop in the car and drive to Germany. It’s not like we can afford to miss out on the treatment. The vaccinations will be ready and if not used we will still be charged for them.

Usually I would be getting up tight about this but we have been in this position before, last year when flights were cancelled due to ice on the runway. Luckily our flight went anyway.

The other reason why I am not getting uptight is because I am actually feeling a bit run down and tired. I find it hard to believe I feel this way after having such lovely days at mum’s but I didn’t sleep at all the whole time. I simply do not sleep when I am not with my Bear. Sad but true.

I awoke to a sore throat this morning and now I have a sniffly nose. As soon as I got home I had a ginger and lemon shot and have downed a huge glass of green juice consisting of cucumber, celery, cavalo nero with green powders, e3 live and flaxseed powder. I am trying to fill my body up with extra goodness. I already have my pyjamas on and have decided I will be resting on the sofa this afternoon with a movie and tonight the TV is going off early and I am going to try and sleep at 8pm.

I am as always a little excited and apprehensive about going for this treatment. I have such high hopes and can only hope it helps me fight and be stronger. All I have been thinking recently is that my body can beat this.

A good friend of mine who I have got to know through having canSer has been keeping in touch recently and has been told that his canSer has reduced by 80%. He has questioned his doctors on seeing his CT scans as to know what they are interpreting. Because he has canSer near his spine and they are unsure what to do next treatment wise he has been granted a special CT scan.

This is what my friend Wayne said; how do they diagnose from such poor images and how much is open to interpretation?

Well now New CT scan technology can provide very detailed HD type views in 3D of all organs and even shows detailed images of arteries etc … yippee 🙂


This scanner is the ‘Aquillion ONE CT scanner’ these are not the CT scans used as a general rule in most hospitals but there are not many of them around.

Please read more below;




I have always had issues with CT scans and I am always wondering what they are interpreting and would love to go down this road. It costs £1500 to have privately but they do offer it at the Royal Marsden Hospital. This has got me thinking and I may now ask if I can have one too. I don’t want to miss out! Ha ha!

Right I’m off to watch a bit of rugby and Harry Potter. I have everything crossed that everything goes swimmingly tomorrow.

Feeling Christmassy…… Happy first advent for yesterday X

We made a flying visit to Duderstadt this time and high tailed it to Cologne. We stayed there about a year ago but this time it was better because of the Christmas markets! No one does Christmas like the Germans and in Cologne there were about seven markets full of Christmas cheer and so many smells and foods and drinks and gifts and musicians playing. We have had two days of lapping up happiness and it feels so good to really let our worries go just for now.

That’s what life is all about…But… You know me I love going home.

We made an epic journey yesterday all the way to the UK and once home got stuck into getting Christmassy here. Pete went hunting and gathering for our tree and although it is not decorated yet it feels so special here already. We dug out candles and sang some Christmas carols for the first advent.

Now I’m settled it’s back to work for a few days before we fly back to Germany next week for the actual vaccinations.I have so much to be thankful for and it’s lovely how Pete and I miss each other today already. (Is this making other people sick?! Ha-ha!)

It’s funny you never know what’s round the corner… I leaped and bounded this morning and then fell of my rebounder spraining my ankle! Doh.. I have RICE’d it and it seems fine. I will not let this stop me. I have to exercise its good for my health even if it’s dangerous!

One to One service from the NHS.. new drugs and off to Germany! Always an adventure…

I had another early start today. I had planned on it but didn’t think I would be awake at 5am! I couldn’t sleep… that’s unlike me.

It was good though because it meant I could do all my rituals before leaving for the hospital.

Despite my appointment being at 11am I chanced it and got there early. I felt a bit of pressure as we leave for Germany today by car!

Luckily my plan worked and I was seen by a lovely nurse called Jacqui. She took me to an interview room where I was given 4 bags 9of medication! She explained fully how it all worked and when to take the tablets.

I am now on vinorelbine. The oral tablets are the same as what they would inject into to me. The up side is that I don’t take massive amounts of tablets every day. I take 100 mg on day one, day eight and day fifteen. Then I have a week off. I have blood tests 2 days before each tablet.

Jacqui explained that my immunity is likely to drop around day seven and eight. If my blood count is ever too low then I miss the next tablet. I was very impressed with this one to one service and feel confident with it all.

I had a blood test then got home as fast as possible. Pete was there ready and we got our road trip to Germany.

The trip was fine but tricky in the dark and not helped by the roads being closed but by 9pm we arrived in Dusseldorf, our half way overnight stop.

Being inquisitive we ventured to the Old Town and got a feel for the city. What a beautiful place! Made even more beautiful by all the Christmas lights… OO..


During the afternoon I noticed a lump on my arm below the point of having my bloods taken. I have amazing veins and there is no trouble finding bulbous ones to draw blood from. After a while the lump went and I am now left with a bruise on my forearm. I guess my vein has been damaged somehow. Youch!

Pete’s been great as usual. Getting us to where we need to be… On our way already to Duderstadt for our appointment to both have our bloods taken for dendritic and gamma delta cell therapy. We thought driving in the daylight would be better… um we have fog and rain Ha ha! Always an adventure!

Light and love… X

Packed my trunk…

So yesterday was an exciting day that got even more exciting by the evening news. I had a tip off that my ‘piece’ was being televised on the evening news. Argh! I did everything I could to avoid watching myself but Pete filmed it! Ha ha! It is so very odd seeing myself on TV. But everyone seemed to like judging by the text messages and messages on facebook and twitter that I got. Then to top it off I was featured on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning urging everyone to bin their bra’s for charity! If you blinked you may have missed but I it brightened everyone’s days up! Ha ha!

I have been busily getting ready for our mammoth trip to Germany. As well as this I had a visit from a photographer from The Sun newspaper. Again I felt very awkward standing grinning from ear to ear. I just hope the photos look good!

There are plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness products for sale during this month. One company offering their services is Stella and Dot.

Stella & Dot are a high fashion yet affordable and accessible jewellery and accessories brand with fantastic quality pieces seen in Vogue, Red and Instyle. They are only available online and through a network of stylists who host pop-up boutiques in homes and events. Every year we support Breakthrough Breast Cancer where they have some select, absolutely lovely pieces that are available to purchase and they give away 100% of the net proceeds to the charity – the boutique is open now!

As well as this, my friend Kate is offering the opportunity for anyone who would like to host a pop-up boutique specifically to support the charity during October, a raffle prize to raise funds PLUS she will give away all of her earnings on the night to the charity too. Sounds like a really good deal to me!



If you are interested please don’t hesitate in contacting me and will I give your details to Kate.

I am just finishing off my clients for the day and I am feeling a little excited about my travels as we are having a stop off in some new locations either side of having treatment. I am dreading leaving my kitty but know she will be in good hands. I have done everything I can think of… but I am sure I have forgotten something.

It’ll be an early night tonight in order for a very early morning… Urgh… I don’t do early mornings if I can help it! But I get to go trucking with my man. We get to catch up and laugh all the way through Germany. That I cannot wait for. Yeah!

I’ll do my best at keeping the journal/blog going whilst I am away…. I have everything crossed that I will feel good all the way through it.

I feel like singing Nelly the elephant has packed her trunk! (Weirdo!)

What will you do when all this is over?

The weekend has been lovely spending much needed time at home with my man. Sadly my Bear has been feeling pretty rough now for a few days and all I could do to make him feel better is tuck him up on the sofa with the cat and lots of ginger shots and hot lemons.

I took the opportunity to do some retail therapy with my best friend Liz and we shopped for more fresh produce for a meal that Pete said he wanted to cook us (despite being ill)

It’s funny how much money gets spent on food these days. In days and years gone by my money would have spent on going out and alcohol. It feels much nicer knowing I am spending it on fresh organic produce now though.

I received a new book in the post this weekend too, Mind over medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin. I love books that have lots of scientific evidence in them and when the author has completely changed their perception of healing. It motivates me more to really believe that anything can happen. She mentions in it how the words of the doctors telling you that the disease is terminal or incurable is so harmful and actually causes illness. I completely agree with that. I find it very hard to shift those words from my mind. I have been told it therefore it should be true? No definitely not. Doctors cannot explain what they call spontaneous remission yet it does exist. I’m looking forward to reading the book fully.

Yesterday my friend Alex ran the Nottingham half marathon and achieved her personal best of one hour 36 minutes! Wow what an achievement and she has raised so much for our charities!

The total of my fund raising now stands at £9605. It’s creeping up but I am hoping that we can achieve £15,000 now as our new target.

I had a reiki treatment on Friday by my friend Sarah. I love being a ‘body’ and ‘helping’ out when someone needs to practise their treatments. It’s such a treat. But whilst treating me Sarah felt that something kept coming up that she wanted to mention to me. She kept hearing the question, what are you going to do when all this is over?’ She asked me outright…It is true that some people relish being ill and love all the attention. She didn’t feel that of me but she does know the effort I go into writing my blog and having the website and facebook. It could hold me back and limit my healing if I didn’t have any forward plans. I knew immediately what she meant but I do know what I will do when I am well again. Peter and I would love to see the world and take some time off. That would be for about four month’s maybe. Then I would like to consider having a baby. For my work I would like to continue being a therapist but I would like to have a direct impact on others and do some voluntary work. I thought maybe I could do free treatments on patients that are going through or who have just completed cancer treatment. Offering comfort and knowing how they feel could be something that other therapist just don’t have. I understand how it feels to be bald and what the lethargy feels like. Obviously raising more funds to help others would still be high on my list but I do have hope and I do feel that the end of this can be seen.

This week is busy as we are off on Friday to Germany for my next round of treatment over there. There are lots to do before then. So I must crack on!

Back to Germany for new treatment regime…Gamma delta cells

I’m writing this blog from my hotel room in Duderstadt in Germany. We stayed at Heathrow Saturday night and boarded an early flight yesterday to Hannover. From there we drove to our current location ready for treatment. As the weather has been pretty dreary we decided to settle down for an early night besides we both felt exhausted from being up since about 4am. I had 12 hours sleep last night!!! And even then I feel I could have stayed in my wonderful slumberland for longer.

I have to admit I felt a bit nervous about treatment today. I had been informed that they would be introducing a new addition to my treatment regime in order to really get this canSer in remission- we hope.

As explained before they have introduced Zometa into the regime in order to stimulate the Gamma delta cells inside me. Gamma delta cells are a different type of dendritic cell which have a distinct T cell receptor. It’s hope that this increases their ability in the immune response. We have seen startling evidence of this in the MRI scan of a woman with advanced lung canSer who only had 20% lung capacity remaining who after three months showed no evidence of disease.

Zometa was infused intravenously into my arm at only 2% and it is hoped there would be no side effects as it is such a low dose. As well as this I had an injection subcutaneously of interleukin 2 which helps the gamma delta cells to be stimulated also. This was all in addition to my usual treatment of Newcastle disease virus injection and heat and air treatment. It has been three hours and I feel absolutely fine.

We did discuss whilst there my next visit, including the need for me to have more cells extracted and the fact that Peter would need to be a donor of gamma delta cells. Luckily all he needs to provide is 200ml of blood which will get sent away to be treated and prepared to then be injected into me. Mind boggling eh?

On every visit we notice more visitors from different nationalities. We are so intrigued to know if they are all here to see Dr Nesselhut. The clinic certainly seems busier than normal. Is this a sign that his treatments are working? If nothing else he certainly gives canSer survivors hope and some life extension.

I was asked how many more times do I have to come here for treatments. The simple answer is forever. I am not sure how often it will be whether it will be more infrequent over the next few years or if indeed my condition worsens and I have to come more often but Peter put it perfectly. He said if its forever that’s fine as forever together is almost long enough. Love him. X

What ever the weather…..

We drove down to the coast late last night and had supper before going to our boat bed. Pete sleeps the best here. we were really excited at the weather forecast of a great day ahead and time to go out and be free for the weekend – stress free. We were wokemn by rain and then the forecast on tv was plenty of sunshine except a few spots of rain here and there. How can they get it so wrong?! pete made a snap decision there and then and before I knew it we were packed up going home for Pete to go back to work. He said he had too much work on and was feeling very stressed by it all so couldnt afford the time to simply just sit around. I know what he menas but I really think the best for him woudl be to have some time off. The pressure of finding money to take me to Germany can be immense. We are not made of money. It all comes from hard graft and running his own business is tough to say the least in todays climate.

I have spent all day looking at forecasts and I cannot help look at what the weather like back down on the coast. It’s like chasing the sun. I had hoped pete would finish work early then maybe we would head down there again but one things leads to another and in fact he now will be late home from work. Bless him. The weather here hasn’t improved and to be honest i have been left feeling quite down about it. I understand pete’s need for sunshine especially as it’s been lovely all week. What to do though? Stay here or go to the coast. Guaranteed the weather will be better where we are not. Pete calls him ‘lucky’. Ironic eh?

To be honest I could really do with just lying down and dooing nothing. I want to eat. Comfort eat and I want him to come home. When today is over the better it will be then we can hope for a bright long weekend like last weekend. Fingers crossed it is great for my Bear.

Back from Germany, the first round of vaccinations for this year. So much to be happy for.

I am back from Germany for the first round of vaccinations for this year.

We left early Sunday morning and flew to Hanover then drove to Duderstadt where we stayed for the two nights during the treatment. Luckily all flights left on time and it was even snowier than here in Germany…-8 degrees. Ouch..

I love going to Germany. I have said it before- but it is like going to stay with an old friend. I love the hotel we stay in and we have all our evening meals there. Following the advice of Kelly the dietician I factored in eggs for breakfast and fish at my evening meal. I have to admit it was good to be eating those again. However as usual by this morning I was looking forward to my juice to start the day. My last day of chemo tablets was yesterday so today was also the first day where I didn’t have to eat something to go with the tablets. I love eating but for me juicing is sometimes all I need first thing.

The first day of treatment included a Newcastle disease virus injection as well as heat and air. We couldn’t do much that afternoon as the snow really came in and it was too dangerous to drive around but probably for the best as I started to feel ropey. A bit like I was coming down with something like the  flu. It didn’t last long as I was up and fine for my evening meal. That night I barely slept which was such a difference to the night before when we had 12 hours sleep!

The next day, Tuesday, I had more heat and air and this time my chest had been aching throughout the whole treatment. I almost wanted it to stop. But I didn’t of course as I want those little naughty cells to feel all confused and be gotten by the NDV and the vaccination.

Later that day we went back and saw Dr Nesselhut Senior. He is such a lovely man and so clever. He told us all about how he has partners in New York and Hong Kong. He has also a met a lady who works for a university researching cancer studies and they are going to be working together combining their work. Dr Nesselhut says it is very hard to be recognised in this country as he doesn’t work for a university however the lady who he is going to work with is also editor in chief of a well known publication and she has said that she will publish his papers on these studies and his work. This is great news for him. Let’s face it all he is trying to do is cure cancer. He told us of the success stories he has had in the past years and seems to really have a plan for me and what to treat me with. Depending on the research findings in March I could be having the treatment that they discover?! Crazy eh?!

In the meantime I had two injections by him. One under the skin which was my cells primed with NDV and something else, all I know is that a big lump came up on my arm and it hurt! (Baby!) Then he injected into my vein another vaccination that on the first beat went straight into my lungs.

He said he had another patient who had metastases of the bones, brain and lungs. The normal vaccinations had done a great job on her bones and brain but not her lungs so he injected the same into her vein and the lungs were also sorted! Blimey I have everything crossed. Of course on paper it all sounds so doable but the thing with us humans is that we are all different; different lifestyles, sizes, genetics and so on. I did confirm with him that I still have the P2X7 in the cells also. He said again that my dendritic cells were excellent and he can’t decide if that it is just me that isexcellent or the work his lab does! J I say it is clearly…… Me! Ha ha! I wish.

As soon as I had the jabs the aching in my lungs went. I’m hoping that’s not a coincidence.

We discussed the naltrexone that he prescribed me and he asked if I have been feeling happier. I said I thought so. I didn’t feel as down in the dumps for as long as I normally would after getting the news from the hospital in December. I also wake up in the early hours feeling really motivated and excited…I definitely feel optimistic. I sometimes have fleeting moments of being emotional but I have recognised that is when I am tired and hungry. I am like a baby!

He then went onto discuss prescribing me Metformin, a drug used for diabetes. Apparently research shows that it does some good in preventing and stopping cancer cells growing.

Metformin not only exerts a major protective effect against cancer development, but those who develop cancer exhibit a significantly higher survival rate, including those with malignant cancers of the lung, colon, and breast. Also when Metformin was initiated, the greater the preventive benefit.

There’s additional evidence that Metformin not only prevents cancer from developing, but also helps to improve the prognosis in patients who do develop tumours. In one study of breast cancer patients on chemotherapy, 24% of those who were also taking Metformin had a complete response rate, compared with just 8% for those not taking it.Numerous recent studies further support a close association between Metformin use and substantially reduced cancer incidence, along with improved survival.

Metformin operates at the molecular level by activating adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase or AMPK, a molecule essential to life. AMPK or its molecular analogs are present in virtually all living organisms. It also happens to be intimately involved in cellular processes whose dysregulation play a central role in both diabesity and cancer initiation.

Cancer results from disordered regulation of cell growth. AMPK is critical to normal regulation of both metabolism and cell growth, as a result of millions of years of evolutionary development.

As a fuel-sensor and metabolic master switch, AMPK recognizes and responds to changes in cellular energy levels, determining how fats and carbohydrates will be used in storing or utilizing energy. In metabolic terms, AMPK tells cells to conserve and generate new energy stores. In so doing, it lowers sugar output from the liver, increases glucose uptake from the blood, maintains insulin sensitivity, and ultimately lowers blood sugar.

AMPK exerts similar effects in terms of regulating cell growth and replication, instructing cells to conserve energy, slowing and often shutting down aberrant cell growth entirely. In essence, when AMPK is activated, incipient cancer cells starve themselves to death for lack of adequate energy supplies.

As well as this taking Metformin can prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Wow…. Needless to say I now have it! The only down side is that it can cause an upset stomach. I have never taken so many drugs. I would normally be against taking so much but I have to give it a go. Every little helps. And who knows I may be living till I am 150 at this rate!

The journey home was a doddle despite the weather and we arrived home at 9.30pm last night. On the way back I did have a hot flush and became feverish. It didn’t last for very long but it was very unusual. Then I noticed the lump on my arm had gone completely. This again is unusual as the last vaccination stayed as lump in my arm for about a week… I’m all a bit excited. I just hope this is working. I feel like it is but then I thought that last month.

Dr Nesselhut also confirmed that he has a friend with a brain tumour who had been having vaccinations. One month his tumour appeared to have grown a lot as the CT scan stated. So he had surgery to remove it and the histology of the tumour actually showed that most of the mass of the tumour was in fact denr8itic cells and not cancerous ones. That makes me feel a bit better. It’s such a tricky thing eh?

I just know that today I feel great. I got up and got on with my chores, exercised (I’m very aware that I need to increase this as Kelly said that chronic tiredness can be alleviated by exercise which causes acute tiredness by releasing endorphins. That’s a good enough reason for me to exercise if any) then did a spot of painting in my bathroom. I am feeling really positive and am looking forward to the future.

Today I was meant to have a CT scan booked by my hospital consultant to see how the chemo drugs have been doing but due to the vaccinations I have postponed them for three weeks. It gives me more time and hopefully there will be something to be happy about…..

I’m looking forward to my Bear coming home. He has to work so much harder when he has been away with me. We both have such a lovely time together but it makes life difficult, especially money. All these things cost and he is working and worrying I know. Bless him. An amazing man. I love spending all my time with him. I miss him when he is not here. ….. Not long till he comes home I hope. Looking forward to a vegan dinner!

Back to early nights in my bed… sigh……..

News from Germany as to my next treatment plan..

Last night was a terrible nights sleep for both of us. Pete said he was worrying about work. The shortest month of the year puts on a lot of pressure. Wish I could help. I didn’t sleep. I thought it may because of the chemo drugs but I am thinking it may be coming to the time of the month again. I am a little out of the swing of things since not having any for so long!

Despite that today has been great. I have got lots of housework done. I find it so therapeutic. Then I had a one to one yoga session. My hips are like an old grannies! I wrapped more pressies. Seems like a never ending chore. 🙂 Then had a skype meeting with Dr Kate James. I have got more reishi spores on the way. It’s nearly four weeks since I stopped taking them. As well as that I have booked an appointment with a dietician at the London Oncology Clinic in January and had an email from Dr Nesselhuts clinic in Germany. Apparently they are thinking about changing my current regime – taking the special P2X7 out as they think it isn’t working and changing it to unprimed cells which will be injected intravenously and intradermally. My instant reaction was to say, No. They are making that decision based on the CT scan report which gives nearly nothing away. I agree with Pete when  he says he thinks it is working and the enlarged nodes are not just canSer but lots of cells and the node is inflamed and becoming necrotic. I have forwarded the emial onto Prof Dalgliesh in London for him to discuss with the German clinic. Either way it sounds like a plan and that I will be returning in January maybe.

I have a good feeling today. I think that all this is now going to be combatting the canSer like nothing before. I haven’t once strayed from my supplements and diet (ok, a bit of dessert sometimes falls into my mouth and I probably drink too much alcohol but it is the festive season!) I am still using the infra red and the airnergy machine and I am meditating, yoga-ing and  exercising where possible.

Touching everything wood- I am not feeling unwell from the chemo. I have always told myself that I won’t feel sick or be sick with chemo. The good thing is that I have to eat with the tablets so you mentally know that it will be fine whilst there is something in the tummy. I hope that I blast this chemo and I don’t get any side effects. Let’s face it I start every day with a green juice made from veggies. Full of goodness and it washes away any toxins immediately. Or at least it should as I spend half my life on the loo in the mornings. The bladder the size of a pea or I have a lot of fluid inside me.

I’m looking forward to Christmas again and our holiday next week and having the Bear to myself. Well nothing there changes. I have him to myself every day. In fact speaking of the big furry one.. where is he? On his way home I hope.


Childhood memories as a hula hula girl dressed in crepe paper!

Had an amazing night sleep…Today has been a day of organising myself and planning for the next week or so and can you believe preparing cards for Christmas! It has to be done at some point. 🙂

I have obviously been thinking about the things that happened in Germany. I am very excited by it all but still I have a mental battle at letting myself think 100% positively about it. I have the nagging fear that what if this,.. what if that? I know it’s wrong but if I let myself believe it is all going to be ok and it isn’t then I will be crushed.  Also I know that if I trust myself and my heart that everything will be ok. It might not be all done and dusted immediately but I have to trust that all will be ok or I am just wishing for what I don’t want to happen.

I have been thinking long and hard about the book I have been reading ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay. In it she describes how every ailment comes from our own thought processes somehow and could stem back to our childhood or way back when something must have created the patterns in which we act and think now. I mentioned the other day how I don’t have many memories from when I was a young child.. or so I thought.

I was having my heat treatment on Monday and whilst lying there lots of little thoughts of living in London, the house, the rooms, my family, the garden, my primary school and much much more came flooding into to my mind. I must have had them there all along and for whatever reason have always said I can’t rmember anything back then. It was like picturing it all like photos from the 70’s and early 80’s. My mum always sending me to fancy dress parties as a hula hula girl ( made from crepe paper) now this has always been one lodged in my mind but then a Christmas present I treasured; My Airhostess. Oh my I wanted to be one back then! 🙂 I actually felt relieved that I could remember lots and lots. I had a sense of a break through and with it came some thoughts that must have troubled me as a child. I don’t think much of them now but maybe as a small child I was upset by them and this has rendered resentment and illness for all these years.

Since this, I have been repeating the affirmation more and more; ‘ I lovingly release myself of the past, I fill my world with joy, I love and accept myself’. If Louise Hay is correct then letting go from these things will help heal me. I strongly urge anyone with any ailments to read her book. When reading the symptoms such as migraines, for example, it is amazing how much it links to patterns and thoughts that you have and makes you realise that everything is related to some emotional being within you.

Almost at the end of yet another week and I cannot believe how time flies..  Looking forward to seeing frineds this weekend. 🙂

I have lots of plans for pictures I want to draw. It seems everyone likes them. X