OPC and Himalayan Salt….. More insights from our German healing place

The journey to Maastricht in Holland- our first night on the way to Duderstadt felt like it took ages. We arrived at 11.30pm. We were staying in an old cinema- very cool.

Before our next leg of the drive we got up early and investigated Maastricht- overall summary- a very trendy, chilled place.

It took another 4 hours to get to Duderstadt and Germany seem to be doing work on every major road!- Grrr…

As we approached the Harz region the weather became unseasonally warm at 20 degrees and sunny. The colours of the trees this time of the year are just so beautiful (yellow ochre and burnt sienna- we discussed this in the car!)

Before my 4pm appointment for hyperthermia and the NDV jab we went to have tea at the Angel ladys’ coffee shop. She greeted us in her usual way and started chatting. It seems she has been recommended a special formula for some health issue she has that are manufactured in the UK. Her husband came along and gave Pete more info whilst I went for treatment. (This time with Cindy.. my favourite! :))

I returned an hour later to a wealth of information and Pete surrounded by books and paperwork. It seems that there is one thing called OPC which is Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins which is contained in almost all plants particularly in the woody and fibrous parts, such as nutshells and kernels, rinds, leaves and skin. It is present in gingko biloba, mistletoe, and considerable amounts in red wine-Bonus! The pharmaceutical product is chiefly obtained from the seeds of red grapes.

Pete had heard of this 10 years ago from the owner of a vineyard in Bordeaux who had been exposting the pulp from his wine making to a cosmetic compnay  retailing out of the Gallery LaFayette, a miracle antiaging product that apparently rejuvenated cells.

It seems it may have been true but at the time the vintner astounded pete by telling him this was now being used in canSer research. Fast forward 10 years to OPC.

The literature Pete was given is all in German but so far we have ascetained it’s an incredibly strong anti oxidant and prevents cell oxidation that stores sugar and acid in fat reserves and the vascular system and this seems to be achieved by it’s blood thinning capabilities (our lights go on as this is now the 3rd time blood thinning has been mentioned in respect of canser treatment)

The second way in how it works  is more mysterious. In initial trials the success levels were extremely high however in clinical trials adminsitering OPC the results were appalling. Researchers studied the difference between the 2 groups and what became apparent was that the first group all took differing supplements. When this was replicated in the second group the success was immense and therefore it seems that although the OPC itself acts as and antioxidant it is it’s effects on the supplements in the vascualr system  that is most miraculous- hugely improving their effectiveness. So once again helping the body to help itself- The body is a temple!

That wasn’t the only thing- Mr Wolf (yes, the Angel ladys husband is called Mr Wolf) then said that something else was even more important. He said that our cells have a heart and membrane and an area filled with liquid. This cell was present on the creation of all life millions of years ago. It has developed to create all life on earth. However the liquid in our cells has been affected by this development and lacks all the componenets of life. However at creation God or the Universe preserved this moment and teh 48 minerals that made up that fluid frozen in time in the salt of the Himalayas. He said to simply drink a glass of water with a tea spoon of Himalaya salt every morning and our cells would take the elements they lacked and once again become full of the minerals of perfect life and not death. This is incredible because we already use himalaya salt in our food and I’m going to start having them in my baths (less harsh than epsom salts).

We can’t come to Duderstadt without pete being freaked out. Somehow Mr Wolf and pete got chatting about our angels! Mr Wolf said, ‘Yes, my wife does see angels’. His wife had mentioned us to him but she said what was even more incredible about us was the love that surrounded us that she could see. Awwwww. That’s lovely.


Back at our usual hotel (second home). Pete has some books to read (all in German) but he likes the title of the first chapter in one book, ‘Dasfranzosische paradox hanger leben mit rotwein’ ( go and translate.. :)) We’re off to the bar for some research!

A little bit about my treatment today… Boy Germans are so efficient. I love this but heck, they don’t mess around when giving injections! Yowzers!smiley-yell.gif

I feel well chuffed about the Angel ladys’ comments on our love and what she could see in the way of energy….

A black board in our kitchen says, ‘ Kitty and Bear love… That’s it. X

Vaccine number 2-Cocktail of cells and proteins

Second day in Germany for treatment. Good news came from Dr Nesselhut. We were all ready to ask as to when I could have the new vaccine containing P2X7. Two reasons for being apprehensive; 1.He may say I have to wait. 2.The cost. Once the words were spoken he looked a little puzzled and said, ” You are already having it”. This did confuse me as he said last time I had to wait and had ommited the new antigen had been already included in my cocktail of cells.

Apparently I am having primed dendritic cells not only for NDV but also for nf-P2X7 which is non functioning death program within cancer cells only. This should in theory mean, the canSer cells within me, die. Normal cells have P2X7, which when the time is right, activates the death of cell. Woohoo! Bonus- double whammy! It’s cutting edge and has only been used on 30 patients at their clinic in the last 3 months.

We discussed forward planning. Dr Nesselhut says really if I feel well, I should do at least 3 if not all 4 treatment months before having a CT scan to see if it has worked,.

We discussed chemo- he said some low level chemo drugs can help if there is a shortage of some sort of cells (can’t remember what) But he says my levels are fine.

This time 8 million cells were injected- a littele less than the 15 million last time but more than the average 3 million.

Whilst I was being treated Pete bought the Angel Lady a heart made of slate to thank her for her kind words and asked more about the angels. She said that there is lots to tell but wants him to read a book which she will give him next time.

One last thing was Dr Nesslehut mentioned the vaccine includes an immune boosting protein deriving from a South Sea Island snail which is so far removed evolutionary from European homosapiens that it really gets the DC cells twitching.

Booked for October and November for the last two months of treatment.

Drove to Hanover- now in bed at 8.30pm ready for an early start to go home… 🙂

Sun, sea and girly chats

This weekend has been a weekend with the girls. Both Pete and I spent the weekend with our ‘bessies’. The boys went off on the boat and no doubt had lots of banter and laughs, whilst us girls chilled in Poole. Saturday the weather was amazing so we spent our time walking on the beach, watching people, getting plenty of vitamin D and unusually there were lots of butterflies. I took that as a positive sign, angels whatever you want to call it. I am bagging anything I can get!

The afternoon we spent grazing on vegan foods and discussing almost everything – it was nice to express how I’m feeling and found that my friends feel I am being too hard on myself. The constant need to feel like I am getting everything done and seeing things that should be every day rituals as chores and putting more pressure on myself rather than going with the flow. My friend Emma has loaned me her book, ‘Dont sweat the small stuff’. At a glance it is so me. In todays society we just keep loading ourselves with more and more commitments and anxiety increases causing symptoms such as stress, irritable bowel syndrome and so on. A lesson so many of us should learn is to not sweat the small stuff and learn that let life flow. That is essential in dealing with cancer and even preventing cancer I believe.

I indulged in some ‘bubbles’ and let my hair down (so to speak). Proper girly togetherness is so soulful. I think it is a must for every relationship to have down time with their friends. I have to admit though I missed my Bear at night. Back home now and planning the week ahead. Pete looks tired but has a wry smile on his face with memories of the weekend. ‘What happens on ‘Sunny’ stays on ‘Sunny’!’ Off to Germany Tuesday for my next round of immunotherapy. I have a feeling of excitement as I really want to believe that the treatment is working but I want it to work fast!

Time to catch up some Bear cuddles.

Felt the Heart in the Harz

This weekend has been lovely here in Germany. We planned a weekend of climbing mountains and long walks, however I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I was coming down with flu. To be expected I guess. It didn’t stop us going to the Harz Mountains. The hotel we stayed at was lovely and focussed on wellness. We stayed at the Hotel und Residenz Hohenzollern in Braunlage- check out www.booking.com. We used the wellness suite at the end of our day which included a sauna, steam room and infra red sauna which is perfect for detoxification. Finished the day with a jacuzzi in our ensuite and Pete battled with the shower which did everything except wash up! 🙂

Spending time in such calming surroundings made us realise how small we are and the life cycle in the universe. The energy in the mountains and by running water is overwhelming. We really felt a sense of healing in this region.

Since we arrived here we have heard a song played which is really catchy in German. Pete translated it and we can’t beleive how apt it is- ‘Ich liebe diese tage’ which translates to ‘ I love these days of my life, This is real, I’m not gonna complain. Im gonna listen to happy songs. The dark clouds have gone’. Love it!!

Top tip for a trip away; Take as much food stuffs and equipment that will assist you keeping on an alkaline diet. I have bought with me our filter jug, green tea bags for our room, nuts plus more. It’s easier to keep committed to it if you have as much with you as possible.

Watching the Olympics closing ceremony now.. Bit late as we are an hour ahead but we have never been so proud to be British hearing the comments on German television.

Back to the clinic tomorrow. Night. X


Tired and emotional

Day off today from the clinic. I have been feeling tired and emotional probably due to low white blood cells. I started taking dipyridamole also today- maybe that had something to do with it. It’s so odd as I feel very positive normally but I couldn’t explain my low. Poor ol’ Pete has to put up with my moods. We found a market and bought lots of fresh green veggies. I made myself a lovely smoothie… Mmmm.

Pete has been brilliant as usual. We managed to do lots of exploring- saw the old East Germany and beautiful lakes.

Tonight we are having a lazy evening watching funny movies and lots of sleep hopefully. Back at the clinic at ten am.

Met Dr Nesselhut in Duderstadt

Had a 6 hour drive through Belgium, holland then finally arrived in Duderstadt in Germany. It’s so beautiful and quaint. We could have flown to Hanover but then where is the adventure and excitement in that?! My first appointment was simply to have my bloods taken to test it to see if I have HIV, Hepatitis b and c and to provide a blood count. The test has to be done by law to ensure the staffs safety but the blood count is important to ensure I have enough blood cells to do the treatment. We met Doctor Nesselhut (Junior) who explained everything in detail. So far we are very impressed. I’m due back there tomorrow at 8.30am for my first part of the treatment. I’ve been given an itinerary of all the other treatments I will be having over the week and will report more on those as they happen. Off to bed for an early night.

Healing my spirit

We have been trying to contact the doctor in Germany today but sadly he has been unavailable. We will just have to be patient. I received an email today with a list of herbal medicines recommended for me to take. Checking them out online it seems most are to boost immunity and have beneficial effects against cancer. I am seriously going to rattle! ha ha!

I am having a fasting day today- that doesnt mean not eating. it means having mainly fluids, smoothies and warm soups. This is to release more toxins that are bound up in my liver. It will prepare me for my colonic session on Wednesday. Also I had my second acupuncture session followed by healing. Wow it was really powerful. I understand energy but Lyn Ng (who is Michael- the acupuncturists wife) was really calming. I instantly chilled out and her voice was amazing. I can’t normally focus when asked to breathe with my eyes closed. My mind normally wanders but I felt such a strong feeling of happiness I felt like smiling.I had such a feeling of something pulling me and many colours in my mind. I can’t wait for next time. I left feeling centred. Lyn explained that the spirit has to be strong in my heart. Then everything else will fall into place.I think I will sleep well tonight. For details on any reference I make to treatments and books etc I will add to a page. Please contact me if you would like any details in the meantime.

Fingers crossed we get a reply tomorrow re going to Germany. No time like the present!