Had a call from my GP to see if I’m ok.. how nice?!

After my lovely relaxing evening last night I had a wonderful sleep although I did dream about vampires?! Not sure what that was about? Anyway brushing over that I have noticed that I am feeling much more motivated to get up in the mornings rather than lie in. I feel that getting my rituals done earlier would make me feel better and I actually feel better for jumping up out of bed when pet e leaves for work.

This morning I did the ‘twin hearts’ meditation that was given to me by my pranic healer. I had to do some exercises first to warm up the energy then I followed the instructions of the guided mediation to give love and peace to the whole world. It finished with a smiling and opening the eyes. What a lovely way to start the day.

I have been working on my nutrition course today and I feel quite organised and proud that I am systematically using my time wisely. I don’t want to allow myself to feel over whelmed.

I don’t if it’s from having the pranic healing but I do feel less worry today. I feel certain that I am going to beat this. I like feeling like this. Long may it continue…

I had a telephone call from my GP today. He called as I have asked him to sign a consent form for me to have hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He said that he had seen me on TV and asked if there was anything he could do. He said I seem to be getting on just fine and that if I ever need a chat or to see him that I should call. I thought how lovely it was for him to actually call me. He didn’t need to. I feel touched-A nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Pete and I have been exchanging a lot of information with another TNBC survivor recently. It is amazing how similar we are and the lengths that we would go to overcome this disease. I am so proud of my Bear. He works so hard and then researches in his spare time. I honestly believe without his support and intelligence I would not be as well as I am now. I’m a lucky girl…