Gratitude is the Attitude

I had yet another good nights sleep. We have been using frankincense on our burner in our bedroom. Frankincense really calms the diaphragm therefore forcing you to relax and breath deeply. It smells divine and really works.

Today I had a one to one yoga session with Viktoria. Her web details will available on our resources page in due course. She focussed on relaxation and meditation as well as flexibility and alignment. Where I have had surgery my right side is very tight and restricted and it has affected not only my side by my ribs and my arm but also my hips. By gaining correct posture over time will really assist in my breathing and opening up my chest and lungs. My bones clicked so much. I sounded like an old woman! As I can’t go for a few weeks Viktoria will provide me with a document showing moves for me to pratise.

Todays focus is ‘Gratitude is the attitude’. I really believe that. Gratitude puts you in a position of having instead of wanting. Notice what you have instead of focussing on what you don’t. The thing with yoga and meditation is it all focusses on love, loving and being loved. It makes so much sense. I feel calmer and less angry that’s for sure. I am so grateful for everything in my life and I don’t feel hard done by. I’m just grateful that I have such great support and the opportunity to try to fix things. I know life will never be the same again. It changed the day I was told I had canSer. Until now, I guess I have just been going through the motions but now I can really live with purpose.  What goes through my mind often is, ‘No one ever said it was going to be easy’. Whoever said it, was not wrong!

Tomorrow I don’t have any new things to try out-but I will be spending time with a good friend for the day. Can’t wait. X