Bear Blog…

Claire has asked me (Bear) to guest blog today. We had the results of last weeks scan and we have been reminded in cold, unemotional science script that we do not have the answers yet, to the question “How do you beat canSer”.


The radiographer has told us that the main tumour has doubled in size and that the lymph tumours have grown “in the interval”. This has come as quite devastating news and shows a definite progression of the disease (as the report stated). Claire is devastated and feels that she can’t be strong anymore and that old enemy “worry” is front and centre with his hideous henchman “it’s not fair”.


So I thought I would take the report apart a bit and see what happens when you put some specialist thinking to it, rather than the more focused and process driven view of the lab tech.


So firstly the hidden in the report is the following:


Claire’s liver and kidneys are entirely disease free

There has been no reoccurrence of the fluid on Claire’s heart (pericardial effusion)

The pleural spaces (membrane around the lungs) are disease free

Claire’s neck and armpit lymph nodes have not enlarged at all and this means disease free


So to the “bad” news. The lung tumor has has rapidly doubled in size, but remains in isolation. We have been told and even seen in previous tumour death (lymph tumour last May ) that the canSer seems to grow rapidly. This can be caused by both a defence response and more impart antsy by the good cells attaching to the tumour as they attack. Previously this was the canSers last death throw before necrosis And disappearing.


You can shoot an arrow without pulling the string back and Dr Nesslehut even described this process in our last consultation. His Swedish understudy in broken English described the administration of Gamma Delta cells as the final blow to kill the canSer and it seems likely that this is what we are seeing by the major reaction so shortly after the GD cell therapy.


Oddly enough the pranic healer was very specific in telling Claire that the canSer was weaker than before her last scan and she was getting better in her lung. The irony of the Universe never ceases to astound.


This aside the tumour is also described as “the right upper lobe” “previously described as lower lobe lesion” – sound like it’s running scared to me!


As for the lymph this is even more astounding. Back in February the tumour was described as growing very quickly. We applied the above theory and sure enough in May it was completely gone not even mentioned. since that time no lymph canSer has been reported until now when, the detail actually does not state that canSer has caused the lymph swelling and in fact the main reason for this could be an auto-immune response!!! No idea what could be causing that when Claire has been pumped full of immunotherapy ( it is especially caused by detection of something foreign in the body, like Mr Bruce MacKay’s cells for example) – so in actual fact pretty good news as it shows the therapy is causing a response.


So should we be sad, is this a set back? In truth I can’t say, but the evidence seems very strong that this is possibly the best news ever. That my beautiful wife is about to become my amazing miracle and if we a really give this canSer hell, if we choose now, to kick it hard, bring new treatments to bear and persist in making Claire’s body the worst place to be in the Universe for canSer to be, then my next blog will be the happiest moment of my life.


Needless to say, if you knock us down it’s going be a big problem, because we come back twice hard and really vexed.


Thank you so much for every single positive thought and will – love & light