When in Rome…….

The bank holiday weekend has flown by. It’s hard to believe it’s been four days since I last blogged. So much has happened starting with Friday evening.

I attended my friends Ladies Charity Garden party. As it wasn’t very warm it became a house party but all the same it was amazing. The turnout was great and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. There were a few surprises such as topless waiters and a pole dancer. That sounds weird but she was so skilful and elegant and the best bit was that she did a dance to a very special song that we call ‘our’ tune (First time ever I saw your face by Roberta Flack) After the dance finished and keeping composed throughout I got to have a go at being a pole dancer! It’s incredible the body strength required. I have to admit I secretly enjoyed it. The evening was topped off by the raffle. I was so excited by this as the prizes were brilliant and all donated by our friends and me. I didn’t for one minute expect to win anything- let alone four prizes! I actually put two prizes back in to the raffle as I wanted others to have a chance too. I ended up winning a night stay at Caswell House; http://www.caswellhouse.co.uk/ and, wait for it…. a pole dancing lesson! Ha ha! I am actually looking forward to it.

We don’t actually have the totals of the evening just yet but I will let you know shortly. I think we must have exceeded £350 which is amazing and all tots up my totals on my virgin giving page which still stands at £6153. I have been selling bracelets still so it will continue to rise.

Pete picked me up after the raffle had finished then we drove to Birmingham where spent the night before our early flight on Saturday morning. I love flying from Birmingham it is such an easy airport, except on Bank holiday weekends! It took us two hours to get through security and we almost missed our flight! Argh! The panic was over as we weren’t the last ones on the plane. The rest of our trip went smoothly. Pete had organised the whole thing to Rome (on my mood board of places I want to visit) and our hotel was immense. Before this we got chatting to an Italian guy who drove us to our hotel free of charge! What a nice guy….

Our hotel was beautiful and we were lucky enough to get upgraded to a junior suite. I have never seen anything like it. It was over two floors with to TV’s and overlooking the piazza outside with a fountain. We had champagne on ice waiting for us and we gladly started our stay with that!

The weather was glorious too on arrival so the afternoon was spent walking from place to place with as many stops along the way in little cafes and restaurants. We visited the Spanish steps, the Trevi fountain and more on the very first afternoon. All that walking makes you thirsty so we finished our afternoon baking in the sunshine in yet another cafe. Here we met a lovely couple from London and Essex. We got chatting and a few hours later we were still there with the sun going down.

We don’t half cram things into our little stays abroad. The next two days was spent walking everywhere sightseeing the usual things like the Pantheon, Coliseum and St Peters and the Vatican. One word – Amazing! And the change in weather didn’t even deter us. In fact it really rained quite a bit but not letting it stop us we bought his and her ponchos! We didn’t look like tourists- much! Ha ha! Throughout our visit we ate everything Italian and I indulged in ice cream and pasta and red wine… it was brilliant. And I didn’t feel guilty despite knowing my CT scan was looming in a few days.

I think my favourite thing was St Peters basilica. I rubbed St Peters feet.  The statue is beautiful and the feet have been rubbed so many times they are worn down. I crossed myself with holy water and we both had a little prayer. On our way out someone approached us and gave us a charm for a necklace and a card with a prayer on it to keep.Every little helps!

Our flight home was smooth and we arrived to bright sunshiny weather which the UK had luckily had a whole weekend of… I was so pleased for everyone that it wasn’t a wash out like our other bank holidays.

Straight home and I went to the back garden to top up my vitamin D levels. (It had to be done!) whilst Pete went straight back to work…. no rest for wicked… or saints for that matter!

Last night was lovely having our first meal back at home and it was all vegan. I miss eating like this and I instantly feel healthier. We had an early night and Pete got up at 4.30am this morning to go to work! I didn’t sleep very well after that so decided that I would spend my time visualising using every last minute preparing for today.

I got back into doing my exercise and other rituals and it feels good to be back. I put on a few pounds whilst away… easily done when all you’re eating is carbs!

Today was my ct scan. The first since February and I have been feeling really confident about it. But then I let my head take over. I can’t help but not feel over confident. I know I haven’t had any sensations inside and feel really well. I hope my gut feeling is right. When I worry I can’t tap into my intuition. My head starts thinking all sorts of things. My ct scan was easy and quick as usual. But the nurse was asking if I was still on treatment and how it was going after I had the scan. It makes me wonder if they see the scan and they know roughly from glancing at it if it looks good or not. It got me worrying that maybe she saw something. I couldn’t read her to tell if it was good news or not. She asked if I would get the results in clinic. I kept thinking why is she asking me this… is it bad news?!

But it’s done now. Nothing more I can do and I have to wait until next Tuesday for the results. Urgh.. A whole week.

I’m having an evening on my own as Pete is out to work at an event and I have got myself as much fresh food as possible. I can’t wait to tuck into it and maybe I will have an Epsom salt bath and neti pot to really spruce myself up and get me all relaxed for a night in front of the box. Ahhh I’m already relaxed…


Research Alerts;

I received this info on how researchers have identified a gene that, when repressed in tumour cells, puts a halt to cell growth and a range of processes needed for tumours to enlarge and spread to distant sites. It seemsreally exciting for us TNBC and other breast canSer survivors.

Click the link for more info; http://www.genengnews.com/gen-news-highlights/turning-off-cancer-s-master-regulator/81248318/


More news; I’ve been asked if I want to be featured in Women’s Own magazine as they are doing a piece on cancer survivors who have done/are/ doing remarkable/brave things. EEK! Plus Pete and I were featured in The Cancer Vaccine Institutes newsletter featuring my bracelets too. Little moments of stardom and recognition…. Happy.

Hippies, Light and Love

I’m reading ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ by Richard Carlson. In it are short easy chapters filled with lessons and ways of relieving all the stress and worries, as it says the small stuff. Most of what we worry about is irrelevant. Trying to understand life and let life flow is something we are trying to learn and be. It helps deal with everything we come across. One interesting point made was,’what do you want to accomplish in your life?’ The answer is normally to earn more money, to buy that dream house, to retire young and live in Marbella. But actually what it should be is to have inner leave, be a kinder person, to see obstacles as lessons and to see the good from what we think are bad things.

Now maybe all of this sounds a bit ‘hippy’ man! Well we are in one of the most hippy locations in the world right now- Las Dalias- where the hippy movement began here in 1954.

Its funny as we’d never have thought of ourselves as hippies but boy they’ve got it right. They understand that whatever you own will eventually own you. They may look and sound ‘different’ but they have really got it so right….

Life is about being happy. Love gives inner peace and happiness. If you think about it love is all we need.(There’s a song in there!) Love and light. 🙂

Anyone following on me on Facebook will have seen the ‘heart’ pictures I have been sent by so many wonderful supporting people. One picture is from a group of people from Ibiza Rocks who I don’t even know. They made a ‘Claire Rocks’ plectrum. Today I went to the shop and saw my ‘plec’ in the window and met the lovely people in the picture. They are such lovely kind people and treated us like they had known us for years. Also it was good to catch up some old friends too.

If you looks around you and stop for one minute all you can see is love. Forget everything life passes by too quickly not to enjoy it and for all the bad things -just think in a years time will be forgotten anyway.

So if you are still laughing at the thought of Pete being a hippy-I’m glad we have made you happy.

The weather has been bit out of character with cloud, rain and and being very moody. It’s not my ideal weather. It if we hadn’t had this weather we wouldn’t have seen probably the most interesting part of Ibiza. There’s a positive to every negative it seems. Therefore there are no negatives. If I hadn’t been diagnosed in July then I wouldn’t be lucky enough to share my thoughts with you all, I wouldn’t be learning so much interesting information, I wouldn’t be meeting amazing people and I wouldn’t be awakening to the love and light all around me. We are truly blessed. Namaste.

(Don’t panic you haven’t lost me to spiritual awakening. I’m still a superficial shopaholic at heart! So where can I find those supercool boots Pete?)

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Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared.

Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared. I can’t explain why? I am guessing that the positivity app really must be helping along with the diet, exercise, supplements, support from friends and family. The love and joy that Pete is giving is so nurturing it takes my mind off everything. I don’t feel tired or negative.  We went to the hospital and got the CT scans then posted them to Prof Dalgliesh. Peter and I went to our favourite health food shop, Bean bag that has seen us regularly for the last couple of weeks to buy Bromelain. I’m so excited about this supplement. Then we splurged on a juicer and steamer pans. I’ve never been so excited about household appliances!


It was just a really lovely day seeing friends and chatting and generally feeling up beat. I’ve been generally excited all round. J