A mad week ahead starting with day one of treatment in Germany…

I have a bit of a mad week ahead of me. Yesterday we arrived in Germany and today I have treatments including zometa and il2. We get back home late Tuesday night. Wednesday I have to skoot to the hospital to have my blood test then back home to get some work done.

I have received a letter from Dr Gonsalves, the radiologist who will be perfoming the ablation and I am booked for clinic at 9am on Thursday in South London. That’s another 5am start. I get to discuss everything to do with the forthcoming surgery in June.

Friday I am back to London for my next vaccine on the trial Professor Dalgliesh has put me on using heat killed mycobacterium.  The last vaccine has been fine. My arm looks like it has a very big insect bite on it. Nasty but nothing I can’t live with.

Amongst all this I need to work and study for my health coaching course.

Life is just hectic sometimes and to top it I have social engagements. (I’m not complaining! Life is rich!) Getting the most out of life.


The good thing is that I have a plan. The 19th June all of a sudden doesn’t seem that far away. I am pleased I get to celebrate my birthday the weekend before going into hospital. I am very nervous but will give more details on the ablation once I have been to the appointment on Thursday.


The next few weeks it’s seems that things are just rammed in our diaries. There has been too much eating and drinking recently and I’d really like to feel cleansed.

I have put on half a stone. I immediately feel anxious about it as I have felt great with my ‘new’ weight these past two years but as Pete keeps pointing out, there is more of me to fight the disease. I know he is right. It still wouldn’t hurt to eat more consciously. It’s easy to digress from the plan sometimes but with no regrets you resort to going straight back on the straight and narrow.


I have already had today’s treatment. I had local hyperthermia, inhaled air from the airnergy machine, had an infusion of zometa an injection of il2 intradermally and Newcastle disease virus intravenously. I feel fine as usual. I got the thumbs up to go swimming and use the sauna etc.. Yay!


I’m back at the hotel now where Pete is trying to work on his iPad using the wifi and I am enjoying another cup of green tea.


I have just looked through the notes on my iPad and found the excerpt below from September 2012. Nothing has changed and it still sums up what I want from life;


My Goal

To outlive the life expectancy.

To stop the progression of cancer.

To actually go into remission and kill cancer.

To live each day being thankful and full of compassion and love.

To help other survivors to be able to have dc treatment.

To brighten others lives by sharing my knowledge and passion for a less acidic lifestyle.

To have acceptance of life and what it may or may not bring.


What are your goals?


Love, light and more love.