Hit the road Jack!

I have had a great start to the day today. I’m not sure why some days are better than others but I had a real smile on my face. It may be because I have found a new way to have my essential juice and powders in the mornings without dreading them. As mentioned I always have vegetable juices as they are best for me and full of oxygen which is essential in my diet. The trouble is adding powders such as wheatgrass and Dr Schulz’s super food and linseed makes me want to wretch. Include that with my supplements and reishi well I am in a state some days, especially the last week or so. My tummy has been really struggling with it all and I have either had a major urge to rush to the loo for urgent number two’s or I have had a tummy ache. I know this means my body simply cannot hack it at the moment. Any signs like that and I am sure it’s not good for anyone!

So this morning I decided that I would have a veggie smoothie instead of juice. I find smoothies don’t make me cringe as much. The reason I go for juice is they are much better than smoothies but smoothies are still really good as alternative. But then I had an epiphany… why not add green juice to my green smoothie and have the best of both worlds/!

I always have to add some kind of liquid to the smoothie or else it will be lumpy and hard… so the anme smoothie wouldn’t be relelvant at all. So today I juiced up lots celery (which tastes bad in smoothies) cucumber and ginger and added it to my smoohtie. So this morning I had a jam packed breakfast full of everything green; avocado, spinach, celery, cucumber and ginger (ok not green but a must!) Genius… not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before… Now I am on a roll. This put me in a good mood.

I’ve registered on the Macmillan forum today. There were entries from other ladies like me who are terminal and all sorts of chemo’s all wanting advice. I thought if I shared my story then they may be inspired to read my website and possibly take something from it. That’s how I feel today… I want to inspire people.

So feeling all positive (a bit more than normal) I thought I’d text Nilam (founder of HD brows) and ask her what course she thinks I would benefit from next. I know she invited me to train but I think doing courses is good practice and really keeps you at the top of your game. Her husband, also Pete, replied on her behalf and has given me details. So without any thought I have booked for July for one of the courses then I will book for the master’s course in September. I love my job and I love doing brows. I want to be the best that I can be.  I’m still getting enquiries from new clients so I’m feeling really lucky.

I’ve been making a list of things I need to focus on more as I feel things are slipping recently. Here’s the list;

Eat more garlic and turmeric. This is essential and I don’t think I am consuming enough of the good stuff.

Try new vegan recipes out and post on my blog. Here’s a start; http://www.takepart.com/photos/meatless-mondays?cmpid=tp-ptnr-kriscarr

Draw a picture every week. I haven’t done one in a while and I really get a lot from it.

Pranic healing. Book for regular sessions and see if this benefits me.

That’s it so far.. I have had a nagging feeling of wanting all this canSer stuff to be gone today. I just want to live my life without thinking about whether I will be well enough or will chemo get in the way etc. But then I read some posts on the forum and read what I already know. Incurable canSer is just like any other chronic disease. Living every day like this isn’t so bad… at least I’m well.

Right well I’m packed for my next trip to see Doctor Nesselhut.. Here we come. Luckily my kitty has a lovely ‘kitty sitter’ to take care of her and eat my home grown strawberries. Be back in five days. Hopefully I’ll get time to post whilst I am away. Love going a driving tour with my Bear… XXX

Ta’ra! X