‘Sending you much love and positivity’

Yesterday I went for another acupuncture session. The points that were manipulated were tender this time but I actually quite liked that. The feeling that something is being done, I guess. Michael, the acupuncturist said that my energy/pulse has improved since my first treatment. He did say my stomach and spleen feels a bit stressy and the lung was weak but overall better. He stimulated my energy and calmed my emotions as well as boosting immunity.

I am still astounding every time I log into Facebook how many people are sending me ‘heart’ pictures. It feels with me with happiness and it’s so comforting to know that people care and that I am in their thoughts. I received a card today from a friend from primary school, saying ‘sending you much love and positivity’ and another friend bought me lovely wicker heart decorations and heart wine glasses! So generous and overwhelming but most of all so brilliant to see her (I won’t embarrass you any more Amanda.:)). Infact I have received many cards from friends and clients. One client sent me an e-card with a difference- it is brilliant:) I feel so alive today!

I was forwarded an email from a friend yesterday with a recommendation to contact a doctor who advises and consults on alternative treatment too. I am going to be having a skype appointment with her tomorrow. It will be good to know if I am doing the right things and also to see how else she may be able to assist me. On her website it says she uses many techniques, one of them being Emotional Freedom Technique. This really interests me as I think the hardest thing for me to maintain is positivity( believe it or not). Some days I can become very intravert and worry relentlessy. I do try to eliminate stinkin’ thinkin’ but I get consumed. If I could stop that and just live then I would really be happy. I am happy when I’m busy. Life seems normal. But I can’t be busy all the time. I’ll keep you posted as to how that goes.

I love skype by the way! I had a great chat with my man this morning over skype. It’s so lovely to see him at the office….Bless him. He is becoming a convert to the alkaline diet. I send him to work with freshly squeezed juice, and alkaline water. Big kisses for him.. Mmmwwaahhhhh. XX