Life’s good and a hen night tonight to top it off!

My day started early yesterday with a phone call with Mark Newey. He wanted to catch up and discuss things since I had the two days therapy with him incorporating hypnotherapy and life coaching and NLP. He had given me homework to do which comprised of me listing what my top ten values in life re. This may seem a simple task but you list about 30 to begin with then whittle them down to ten. My list consists of the following;

1. Happiness

2. Honesty

3. Gratitude

4. Intuition

5. Laughter

6. Fun

7. Peace

8. Motivation

9. Uniqueness

10. Courage

It’s a good list I think. The list of values can change regularlgy too as I change. I think it reflects me at the moment. it’s really worth trying and seeing what is most important to you. Most of the time the value that is the most important can be the one thing you lack most in your life and what you strive for. Mine is happienss. I certainly don’t lack it anymore!

Other homework was to list all good and bad things that happened throughout my life on a scale of one to ten and also questions about cultural pressures. It was very enlightening. I had done the homework about a month ago so it was interesting to see how things have changed in just a month. Mark is so upbeat and it’s great to get someone else’s view on things and to actually let go of the old stuff that can linger there and be of no use to anyone. It puts so much in perspective. It was really good talking to him, a bit like an old friend and we have agreed when either are in the vicinity we would keep in touch.

The rest of my day was a really pleasant and easy one. In fact it was quite girly. I am going on my best friends hen do tonight so I spent time doing my nails, deciding what to wear and doing a tan. I have succumbed to the grotty weather. At the end of my tether with having no warmth from the sunshine and having no tan I decided to do myself a fake tan. 8 hours later and I have a healthy glow. It makes such a difference to my self esteem and I look even healthier! Ok I know the tan lotion isn’t completely nasty free but it doesn’t contain any parabens so it’s not all bad. (I use Fake Bake tan for anyone that wants to try it out!)

This morning I was woken very early by a big snuffling Bear. As much as I love my sleep I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being woken up with such love and happiness is the best thing ever and what a way to start the day.  I feel very sad for anyone who doesn’t have this much love in their life.

After mediation, yoga, heat and air and my supplements and green smoothie I decided it had been a while that I had used my neti pot. I have been suffering with rhinitis recently. I simply cannot stop my nose from running. It’s continuous and with the cold weather it’s worse now than when I was away in Thailand for example. I don’t think I am allergic to anything but maybe it’s a side effect of some of the medication I am taking. I’m not that hard done so it’s nothing to really worry about. However doing the neti pot ritual this miring was brilliant. I am totally clear, feel energised and for a brief moment my running dripping nose has stopped. (Nice mental image for you all!)

So I am all ready for my trip to London to party with my Boo and I feel really energised and happy. It made me think of an email my blog friend sent me the other day when she said, ‘You have a very powerful tool in the bracelets you have made for people. A little bit of your wonderful energy, spirit and kindness is in each and every one of those bracelets you have made…. so whenever you need it, picture every single person that has bought one wearing their bracelet, and that positive energy and power joining together and multiplying over and over….. It is far more powerful than any tumour out there, and you can harness that whenever you feel the need for that extra fight ‘. What a lovely thing to say and I hadn’t considered that before. It does give me strength and I feel really good.

Speaking of the bracelets and fundraising I was informed today that the total amount paid to Breast Cancer Breakthrough from my own donations and others charity initiatives’ is up to £5,240! This is great and there are still plenty of bracelets being sold and more charity initiatives in the pipeline. A member of Petes’ team has decided that he is going to run a half marathon for our charities and his training starts Monday. Pete has agreed to train in the gym with him so its good news all round! I’m very grateful for the effort people are still going to. We won’t stop!

So, leaving on a high note,  I am looking forward to a girly giggle tonight and then being back in my Bears’ arms tomorrow watching legs and bums (rugby) on TV. I love weekends like this!