Goodbye to Stan – Hello home!

Today I had my third and final session with Stan Dawes for reiki. As usual he was bright and breezy and as generous as other days he worked for almost a whole extra hour on me.  I simply cannot believe how quickly two hours goes!

This morning I thought to myself that I would really make an effort with focussing whilst I was recieving reiki as I really find my mind races at times. So I repeatedly said my affirmation, ‘ I lovingly forgive and release myself of the past. I fill my world with joy. I love and accept myself’. I really did find it helped me stay centred.

At the end Stan asked what I experienced throughout the treatment if anything. Well today even I was surprised. At one point Stan had his hands over my eyes and I clearly had my eyes closed anyway but I had a flash of light that got increasingly brighter, a bit like I was looking into the sunshine. I so confused and surprised by it that I wanted to open my eyes to check but it kept pulsating. It happened two or three times throughout the treatment. I experience colour often but not like this. I also had a pain in my right arm almost like a dead arm throughout. I can’t explain why but it did make me think of the theory that the right side of the body represents the masculine and the past. I kept thinking of ‘letting go’.

As before I experienced a lot of heat from Stans hands and today I did not feel any popping in my lung area but I did feel the dragging and pulling sensation in my chest was so much that I almost wanted it to stop. After the treatment I felt so relaxed but like I have had a work out doing lots of press ups.

I asked what Stan says throughout the treatment as I can sometimes hear him whispering. He said he asks the reiki energy to unblock and balance ‘Claire Grant’ and freeze and kill any cancer cells present in the chest, lungs, lymph nodes, breast and anywhere in the body. Well all the way through the treatment I was asking for a sign that it had worked and then the big bright flash of light happened. I can’t express as to how odd it was but how bright it seemed. I initially thought I was going to have a migraine as they start with flashes of light then visuals like geometric patterns but it wasn’t. I hope that was the sign that it’s worked, working, going to work.. any of those.. 🙂 Stan is well worth the visit and I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone that wants to see him. I want to thank Louise for passing his details to me.

Straight after saying good bye to Stan and his wife I jumped in my motor and drove straight back to the Shire.

Home! I am so pleased to be back. I will be even more pleased when I see the Big Bear, who sadly is out working until later.

Can’t wait for my own bed.