Had a call from Dr Nesselhut…

I had a call from Dr Nesselhut yesterday as I had emailed showing concern due to the fever and shivers that I had. It was lovely to speak with him and he reassured me that it was good that I was having an immune response. He said the fever is just like having the hyperthermia treatment but without paying for it! He chuckled to himself.Good of him to call though. It was very comforting.

I am booked up with clients today as I feel much better although I do have a banging headache. I haven’t really had any headaches for about a year since I changed my diet to vegetarian. I can’t decide if its dehydration, something I have changed, my neck causing tension or what? Of course the thought of canSer spread comes to mind but that’s me being dramatic. I have reluctantly taken paracetemol today again but it hasn’t made a blind bit of notice. Hey ho.. Plod on and hope for the best.

I have been doing a lot of studying the past few days in between clients and other daily chores. Some good and exciting news is I have signed up to become a health coach and study nutrition with the integrative institute of nutrition. It’s an online course and I have heard great things about it. I do feel a little nervous as I don’t want to take on too much stuff but I think that’s just me having second thoughts and being nervous about it. Or as the book I am reading, Spirit junkie, say it’s my ego making issues to stop me from succeeding and enjoying it. I decided to become a health coach as I am very interested in nutrition especially incorporating canSer and how to live with it. I also felt that as I have a website and blog I could really help other people; healthy or unhealthy, improve their lives. People already ask me advice about supplements and lifestyle changes so I figured if I had more knowledge then I could really help them!

Today at approximately 6.30pm I am going to be receiving distant healing from John of God. I know it sounds mad but miracles happen every day. I will find out which entity has chosen to work on my ailments. I am intrigued to know if I will feel anything but as soon as my last client leaves I am going to sit and meditate for a while so that I can truly be receiving. I am a bit nervous actually… Eek!

I’ll keep you posted as to what happens if anything…. Ciao. X