Feeling poorly but it shows an immune response!

I have now returned from my Germany trip for this month. It was a flying visit as always but time seems to drag a bit when we are there. I had more treatment yesterday of hyperthermia and airnergy including a Zometa infusion. I awoke feeling under par, as if I was coming down with something. I had been warned that the Zometa infusion may make me feel like my bones ache. This is due to calcium being stimulated in my bones. This is because a higher dose of Zometa is in fact used for bones metastases. Next I saw Dr Nesselhut to have my vaccinations. One intradermally and the other intravenously. Luckily I had a cannula in as my arm is beginning to look a lot like a pin cushion!

As always Dr Nesselhut has lots of great stories and information for us. It seems that the gamma delta cell therapy is really working as much as 42% success rate. This is very good when you compare it to chemotherapy in the circumstances for advanced canSers. We discussed how this time my gamma delta cells have been stimulated organically but there is also the option of Peter being a donor. Peter can be a donor as I am used to his cells apparently through kissing! Ah…. Must kiss more to exchange cells and for us to be compatible! Ha ha! Any excuse.

Our next trip to the clinic is planned for October and it’s going to be a long trip as I need to have leukapheresis again as they have run out of my cells. Peter will also have to donate his blood so that they can get to work doing the gamma delta cell cultures. Apparently it is much more work than the dendritic cells. It is also a lot more money. We sat and debated for about OO two minutes as to whether we should see if what I am currently having works but seeing as the results of the donated gamma delta cell treatments are working so well it could be the thing that cures me. Pete decided it was worth finding the money and going for it. It makes me worry a lot about the money side of things as well as the upheaval every time we go but Pete is so committed to me going for treatment and making me better. I owe him everything and it seems I really could owe him everything when he donates his cells to me!

Dr Nesselhut says that his aim is never to have the canSer go into remission. His aim is to give me a life that is of the usual length. His grandmother had canSer for forty years and it didn’t inhibit her daily life at all. She died at 84 years old. He thinks this is a good age. He wants his patients to live a normal healthy life for as long as a healthy individual. He said remission is very nice though.  He told us of a story of a mother who donated her cells to her son who had a very large brain tumour. His oncologist looked at his ct scans before and after treatment and confessed that chemotherapy could never do that (all clear) and that he had never seen anything like it in all his years.

I feel quietly confident that the next treatment could be the pinnacle that really knocks this canSer off its socks! I already feel like the treatment I had yesterday is doing something. Ever since I left the clinic I have felt poorly and it progressed into shivers on the aeroplane. Then last night in bed I had a terrible fever and sweats. Today I am still not right and sadly had to cancel my clients as I have simply felt terrible. I am not shivering now but I think good old fashioned paracetemol is helping alleviate the symptoms. I feel wrecked though and could sleep for England. Nothing new there then!