UP, UP and Away!


I recently bought Pete a new toy. It’s a wristband that calculates your fitness and sleep patterns and more. The app that goes with the wrist band by Jawbone is called UP. The reason for buying it is that Pete is working out a lot and also wants to lose weight. I also don’t think he gets enough sleep and with his job being quite stressful, cortisol can accumulate as fat around the tummy. So in order for Pete to be more aware and mindful of what is happening in his life we decided to invest in the wristband. It is so insightful that I now have one too.

Daily it records the amount of steps you make. This is so interesting. I really thought I was very sedentary but the target steps of 10,000 per day has been exceeded every single I day I have worn the wristband. I log all the food and drink I consume. This makes me mindful of when I eat and consider what I take in. I also log exercise and the length of time I train. But the most interesting thing is sleep. It can calculate how long you sleep for as well as determining whether it is deep sleep or light sleep and how many times you wake up and so on.

Now I harp on about loving sleep and I often wonder why I want to sleep so much. I now know. In the last three days despite perhaps being in bed for about 9-10 hours most nights I am actually only getting about 3-4 hours deep sleep. The rest is either awake or light sleep.

Pete on the other hand has less sleep than me but his deep sleep is for the majority of his time in bed. Therefore he feels much more replenished than I do. It is also very interesting seeing how long it takes for us to fall asleep. I take about 20 minutes and Pete takes about 2 minutes! Ha-ha.

I think the band and app is a really useful tool. I bought mine from Amazon.If you interesting in taking a look here is the link for more information;

I have a busy week again this week. Life is always exciting! Today I have a full day of clients. Tomorrow though is my three month CT scan. I know, can you believe it is three months already?

I haven’t stressed much about it but I have to admit I am a little wobbly about it again. I won’t allow myself to do the whole, ‘what if?’ scenario… so I think I will just not worry about it. Who am I kidding?

Peace out!