Do you ever see things and think they could be a sign?

Do you ever see things over and over and think that it may be a sign? It could be coincidence  but if like me you feel very sensitive to things it simply cannot be chance.


When I went to see Dr Kate James last October she mentioned John of God in passing. John of God is a spiritual healer who has entities that work though him and not only heals but does surgery on his patients. He has been healing for over 50 years and people travel the entire world to see him. The entities that work through him are age old doctors. I know it sounds mad. I have been to spiritual healers in the past not for anything in particular but none has the kudos that John of god does. He lives in Brazil and hundreds of people from all over the world go to visit him every week to be healed, even Oprah Winfrey has been there… Well if it’s good enough for her then it’s good enough for me! Here is a link if you would like to find out more:


I have read a lot about John of God and as farfetched as it sounds there seems to be many people who have miraculously recovered from illnesses. I have gone as far as considering going to Brazil to actually meet the man himself and experience a healing session. Polly Noble has been there and she actually had psychic surgery. Here is what she had to say about it. You will notice that she visibly has had something come up in her neck after the psychic surgery;

Since hearing about John of God last October I have forgotten about him but things keep popping up recently. I noticed Polly Noble had been there, then I opened a book last week and there was another article on him and then yesterday I flicked through a new book and just his name popped out at me. I take all signs to mean something so have decided to look into it further. Upon scouring the internet most people can only go to see John of God with a guide. I found a guide called Adrienne who has a website and explains what to expect. Now I don’t think I am ready to visit and it would mean having two weeks there on my own but then I noticed that he can do distant healing. By simply presenting a photograph with details of my illness apparently he can get the entities to work on me. I have read testimonials and I know I have to be a  bit savvy and I am not totally gullible but I am believer of these sort of things otherwise I wouldn’t go and see Stan the Man for reiki for example.  I don’t expect to be completely healed over night although there is always that hope but I am intrigued and for the purpose of trying it out I am going to go for it. There is no fee but there are rules I have to adhere to after the healing has taken place. I cannot drink alcohol for forty days or eat chillies! They recommend taking an herb called pass flora that they provide at a small fee. The drinking thing should be interesting but maybe it’s just what I need to get really healthy!

I am excited but also very dubious to know what will happen. I aim to book to have it done next Thursday. I will keep you posted as to anything that may happen. Sounds mad but maybe a miracle could happen?!