All aboard the chill out train- choo choo!

Throughout my life with canSer I have been so incredibly fortunate to be rich in abundance of love, kindness and generosity from everyone.

Since we have been married we have made an annual trip to Ibiza where we have met many wonderful people who are now such good friends for life. We always stay at a supercool hotel called the Es

Not only is it the hippest hotel to stay in (room 108 is an awesome suite) but the staff are so attentive and bend over backwards to cater for my every need including my very (difficult) unique dietary requirements, collect us from the airport, flowers and heart in our room and so much more!

This year we thought we couldn’t make our trip due to the ‘bombshell’ in July but our friends (hotel owner and manager) invited us to stay before the end of the season.

So we arrived yesterday.. We are being treated like royalty and we honestly cannot thank everyone at the Es Vive hotel for making us so happy.

So you read that right we are in Ibiza!  We made a snap decision to live.. A lot! Now we are sat by the pool, chilling and listening to tuuunnnnes! All aboard the chill out train- choo choo!

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