I’m back baby!

This weekend has been lovely… apart from the horrific weather yesterday! Saturday morning I hijacked the Bear to go Christmas shopping!That was after having a visualisation session with Peter. He read a routine out a book where quantum field healing visualtions were featured. It’s where I visualise going into my body, into the cells, the DNA and the atoms. There I calm all the storms and say ‘it is done!’ As it only takes 5 minutes I really didn’t expect to feel anything but I had a real heat surge and a thumping of my heart or pulse. It was quite profound and I felt somehow better. I am going to keep doing it as it is only a short while now until my CT scan. I am not going to try and put too much into the forthcoming scan as I do not want to have any expectations (although that is so difficult as I feel I have done so well recently and I am feeling so well.)

We then went to visit friends and stay in the countryside. After a night of amazing food (especially catered for me- the very difficult vegan that I am!) and great banter with new friends as well lots of laughs with a very cute puppy we finished our visit with a stroll with the family. Children are amazing. Their innocence and intuition is so strong and I love being around them. This is how us adults should try to be- non judgemental and see the world with open eyes and hearts.

Last night I discussed my diet alot and everything else I am doing. I do not mind talking about it but it was very interesting to hear that some people think that the rituals and process I am following is simply for triple negative breast cancer. Of course this is not true. Much of what is present on our website is directed at the general public. The nutrition and lifestyle changes are targeted for everyone- those with any kind of cancer and those who simply want to prevent it or even other diseases or conditions. But for whoever find this information helpful it really is down to the individual to make their own mind up as to what works for them. I would welcome anyone who wants any advice to contact me and I will gladly help.

This afternoon we have been catching up on the sofa in front of the fire. I have packed ready for my trip to Essex tomorrow to have a reiki session with a highly regarded reiki master, then off to see relatives.

Today is the last day of the reishi  mushrooms and reishi spores as prescribed by Dr Kate James. I have completed 6 weeks on them and now I am to have 4 weeks off.

Another amazing thing happened too.. maybe too much information but as I am sharing.. here goes…. With chemotherapy all normal menstrual cycles cease. There is a huge chance that this will never return and many women my age go into early menopause. As it has been since April that I had ‘no action’ and after having two lots of different chemos over the last two years I had really thought that was it. No chance are they ever returning and more so that no chance that I will ever be able to have a baby when the canSer finally leaves me alone. But yesterday it happened! I’m back baby! This is not a delight for most women and I could be jumping the gun but I think that this is defo a sign that things are returning to normal for me.

So on that note I bid you ‘Adieu’ and I’m off for a himalayan salt bath with rose and frankincense and to drink serious amounts of water. I have seriously over done the mulled wine this weekend!