Ketogenic diet… it’s not that simple..

Today I had a Skype meeting with the nutritionist I mentioned. She specialises in ketogenic diets and helping cancer patients. What makes her so good is that she has a melanoma in her eye. She is actively doing the diet so it is tried and tested. She gave me plenty of information and I look forward to receiving more details by email. She said that the ketogenic diet is generally 80% fats from things such as coconut oil, and avocado then a small percentage of protein. Obviously I cannot have much protein as this turns to glucose and then leafy green vegetables. I would be limited with grains and seeds but I could have a small amount of lentils and low carb noodles.  She was very specific on grams of each thing according to my weight. So there is a scientific background to this. She specified eating my whole day’s food within eight hours and fasting for the rest. She also said that I would need to integrate into this diet slowly so as not to overload the liver too much. She mentioned the fact I was on metformin and said that it was a real benefit as this assists with limiting insulin. I thought to myself, good old Nesselhut thanks for introducing me to this!

Overall I think this is going to be challenge but I am willing to give it a go. I did ask if I was eating meat what she would recommend. She suggested lamb as good option as it digests well. I mentioned travelling to Germany a lot and she said how good bratwursts can be. If they are of good quality they contain no nitrates and are not over processed. This will cheer Pete up. And me actually. I love good sausage when in Germany.

I picked Patricia’s brains about supplements and she suggested taking digestive enzymes with meals to assist me. I told her I had read a lot about omega 3’s and she advised that whilst on chemo to avoid taking omega threes other than the oily fish that I eat. There are studies apparently that show omega threes can interfere with chemotherapy. This surprises me so much. I am always a bit dubious of those findings.

She supported me with having no dairy especially with having breast cancer but suggested goats butter as a good fat to take. She did also mention a good drink, well, concoction I would call it, to incorporate fats into my diet. It involves coffee but knowing I don’t drink caffeine she suggested using chaga mushroom powder. It apparently makes thick creamy drink that gives lots of mental clarity. I will approach this with caution.

Luckily for me she will be launching an eBook hopefully next week with tried and tested meal plans and some of which are vegan. I am keen to get hold of that! It’s like any new regime. It’s a lot to take in and try to understand all the rules.

I don’t love the idea of this diet. I am all for a simple life but in the process of wanting to keep this disease on its toes then needs must. Pete said the fact that it is reacting in an extreme manner inside me warrants an extreme response.

After such a positive meeting I left for a pranic healing session. After the fall out of missing my appointment last week it was good to finally see Les and have a lovely treatment. I genuinely feel great at the moment and despite chemo I feel that coffee enemas are really helping and my mental state is grounded and strong. Les feels that my energy is good and there aren’t really any weak points on me, not even in my lungs. He thinks the scan could be really positive. I am thinking as positively as I can and I can’t remember feeling as cancer free as I currently do. I feel quite free. Long may it continue.