Make a wish, three wishes, something about wishes anyway….

Sleep update.. I had about 11 hours sleep last night! Yay! I needed it and I probably could have slept for longer. It was probably the amazing pancakes that did it… Kitty that got the cream mmm.

So today I have been less sleepy and more focussed. I feel pretty balanced today. It was good I wasn’t sleepy as I headed off to Farnham for my acupuncture treatment. It is now every three weeks which really works for me and I am not sure if maybe I needed it sooner but I felt good when I left there today.

Generally my energy still feels strong but Michael worked on my lung points to strengthen them. I think that’s great considering I have been feeling tired recently and with all the alcohol I drank last week I thought I may have been a bit floopy.

I had a call late yesterday from Lynsey, Prof Harris’ secretary at the Churchill Hospital. I emailed her regarding the letter I got stating that I had liver metastases which is news to me! Prof Harris wanted me to know that he has checked my notes and he confirms that I certainly do not have liver metastases. On telling Pete he said that’s great news, Prof Harris must have checked my scan from Monday too? I doubt it… That I will need to wait now till Tuesday for.

I still feel pretty calm about that too. I am not sure why? I always end up being so shocked and wonder if I should prepare myself more by thinking it could be worse but then goes against everything I believe in right now. I am trying to think and visualise that it has gone and isn’t growing back, that my cells and immunity have sorted themselves out and that the mutation in there won’t happen again.

In the last couple of days my kitty has been extra ultra uber cute.. If that’s possible.  Even now whilst typing this she is on the desk under my nose trying to get in the way. I love her for that. I really see myself in her mannerisms! Ha ha! If I want attention that’s the sort of thing I would do! (Don’t try to imagine it the mental picture may scare you!) I wonder why she wants to be so close to us right now? What does she know that we don’t? Maybe she wants MORE food! Ha ha!

I’ve had a few friends I went to school with contact me recently and I am planning on seeing a very old friend that lived with me and my parents when I was only 14 or 15 so that she could finish her GCSE’s as her family were moving. I’m really excited. That’s the great thing about Facebook. I get to remember great memories and rekindle old friendships, even from primary school. That’s how I reconnected to my best friend Liz. We have been friends since we were born. Our birthdays are two days apart. We lived about 300 metres apart on the same road, went to the same school until we moved when I was 11 years old. We then saw each other intermittently but it had been around 15 years till I sent her a message the day before I got married then we became friends on Facebook. We have since  been in contact all the time. In fact the psychic lady I saw in November asked me if I was getting married.  Obviously not, as I’m married already. Then a week later my best friend got engaged.. Ahhh.

My favourite memory I like to quote from our childhood is that Liz had great fancy dress parties for her birthday. She looked brilliant dressed as an indian squaw and even Wonder Woman! But I always went as the same thing- a hula hula girl! Me in a bikini with a crepe paper skirt and flowers round my neck and one in my hair. Very inventive you might think!? Yes, but every year? Thanks mum. Bless her, she was busy with six of us and the shop next door sold crepe paper. Ha ha! Cracking up at myself. I will find a photo one day and show you all.

Speaking of the psychic another thought popped into my mind yesterday about what she said. She asked me if I was doing any charity work and said, ‘Make a Wish, three Wishes, something to do with wishing anyway’. And then it occurred to me that I am making ‘make a wish’ or ‘wish’ bracelets to sell for charity. I suppose it could be coincidence? I like to believe. She also mentioned April. Not sure which year whether it’s past or up and coming but I am intrigued……..

My hands are getting sorer. I have been trying to ignore any side effects of chemo but I have to admit they are looking rather red and the skin is getting sore and cracked. Yesterday also my big toenails ripped and lifted halfway down my toes.. Not good. Oh well it’s a while till I wear flip flops again!

I’m going to have a muscle relaxing Epsom bath tonight. I need my muscles soothed. I haven’t exercised today mainly due to leaving early to get to Farnham but also as I feel achy.. neck, butt, lower legs… running and me don’t get on. I’m a resistance girl mainly or rebounder. Stick to what I know. Back to Davina tomorrow. She makes me laugh. 🙂

I’m a bit late for lunch now but I’m off to fill my face. What’s new eh? At least my appetite isn’t affected!