If you had limited time to live what would you do?

If you were told you had limited time to live what would you do?

People always say faced with a death sentence that they’d like to see and do many wonders of the world; the Great wall of China, swim with great white sharks, bunjee jump, safari etc.. OK there are a few places I’d like to go; Carnival in Rio, Brazil, Hawaii, Tibet, Fiji, New Zealand and many more. Plus I’d really like to have a month or two with Bear travelling, with no ties or worries and see where we’d end up and who we would meet along the way.

But really, I don’t massively feel like I want to do anything other make our home nice; window boxes with geraniums at the front of the house, decorate the downstairs bedroom in hotel chic style, I’ve always wanted our kitchen re done as well as the drive. But really? Is any of that important?

I love our home. I love the different areas. I love our garden. I love knowing how much graft I personally have put into every inch of that house. My favourite parts are the shelves that Pete put up in our wonky ensuite cupboard and the shelves that my dad made in a nook in my boudoir. I love my bitchy kitty cat and I’m really proud of my business (or that I had achieved last year). I love HD brows. I want to do more and become a trainer maybe. I just love learning.

I want to point out. I don’t think I have limited time. In my gut I know I’m doing the right thing with treatment and on a daily basis with all the changes in my life-physically, mentally and spiritually. I hope I’m going to be a success story. I just need to be patient though. I’m already planning my celebration bash and my 40th birthday, which by the way is going to be on a super yacht in the South of France with my friends (and even my mum can come!smiley-innocent.gif), but you have to think of all the possibilites right?

All I want is to know that everyone will be ok. Selfishly, I don’t want to miss out on anything! And I don’t want to be alone in the dark. It’s a fact of life that we are all ‘terminal’. We have no control of when it happens. You could say that having a time scale is bonus as it gives you time to deal with things and make changes and do things you always wanted to. For now all I want to do is stay well, keep fighting and have the favourite part of my day; seeing my hubby come home from work.