Bed, you complete me…….

I completely forgot to write my journal yesterday. It’s so unlike me. I feel very calm and happy at the moment. A change from the weekend that I had. Sleep has been amazing and I am truly loving my bed. Pete showed me a cute picture of a cat face down on a bed with the caption saying, ‘Bed, you complete me!’  Ha ha! That’s me! I haven’t rushed to get out of bed this week so far and I have still got everything done with plenty of time. I have had lovely afternoons with clients and the same goes for today. I have an afternoon filled with clients and I have been getting more bookings for new clients too. It feels good.

I have been recently coming across lots of motivational images and captions which you can see on my facecbook page. I find they are really thought provoking and helpful.

I have a strong sense that the canSer has gone from inside me. I know I could be wrong but I am definitely feeling like I have ‘let it go’. I hope that I am right. And the thought of stopping chemo is playing on my mind. I really do want to stop to give my body chance to replenish. Chemo is well known in damaging the liver and also having a higher risk of heart attack and failure. Now I am not suggesting that this is going to happen as I feel so well  but I do think giving it a chance is right. Now then comes the risk of the canSer growing again. I guess I will be able to distinguish if there is anyone one thing working better for me than others. If I stop chemo for a month (Pete thinks more like 3-6 months and then I have a scan then I will at least know if the immunotherapy works. My worry is that it didn’t work on its own or that’s what we are lead to believe. But I do truly believe they worked altogether. And if it comes back what then? I have to do it all again. I do understand Pete’s angle. It makes sense. And he has every confidence in me and the treatment I am having. I think I will definitely talk to the docs about when I got to clinic on Tuesday.

I received some info from Breast Cancer Breakthrough yesterday. A team of scientists from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden have developed a new ‘liquid biopsy’ which could identify women with breast cancer who would benefit from Herceptin, without the need for tissue removal.

Led by Breakthrough’s Dr Nicholas Turner, the research, published in Clinical Cancer Research today, was funded by the National Institute of Health Research, with additional support from Cancer Research UK and the Dr Mildred Scheel Foundation for Cancer Research.

This new test is designed to identify HER2-positive breast cancers, by looking for the DNA from tumour cells. This type of breast cancer is effectively treated with Herceptin, but the researchers hope it will in the future be adapted for other types of cancer.

Surgical biopsies are limited in that they only test part of the tumour, and it’s not possible to biopsy a tumour repeatedly. They are also invasive and often uncomfortable procedures to undergo.

The findings could mean that in the future more women with breast cancer could benefit from targeted treatments such as Herceptin.

“It’s not possible to take multiple biopsies from patients through their treatment course, but this study shows that we can detect HER2-positive breast cancers through a blood sample. That could allow us to regularly monitor women with breast cancer using simple blood tests and potentially increase the number who are treated with Herceptin. The test is at this time at an early stage and does require further assessment in clinical trials before it could become widely available.”

Dr Richard Francis, Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Head of Research, said: “The findings of this research are very encouraging; we know that Herceptin can effectively treat HER2-positive breast cancers, and this new liquid biopsy has the potential to ensure that more women who could benefit from this drug receive it.

Professor Alan Ashworth, Chief Executive of The Institute of Cancer Research, said: “Personalised cancer treatments are becoming highly sophisticated and tailored to individual cancers so it’s really important that doctors can make accurate assessments of the genetic make-up of tumours. This new liquid biopsy has exciting potential as a means of analysing tumour DNA in the blood stream, allowing clinicians to track genetic changes as they happen and adjust treatment to them. By assessing quickly and painlessly whether a particular gene is activated in breast cancer, doctors will be able to choose the best targeted therapy for their patients.”


This is very exciting news and could be groundbreaking.

Also Breakthrough Breast Cancer has teamed up with Penguin and WHSmith to launch the new and exciting Read Pink. Make a Difference campaign.

Throughout the eight-week campaign they’re encouraging you to head down to your high street and pick up one of the selected women’s fiction books by bestselling authors including Marian Keyes, Sue Townsend and Jojo Moyes.

Each of the Read Pink titles carry a 50p donation to Breakthrough’s life-saving work and, with holiday season around the corner, there’s no better time to get involved in Read Pink. Make a Difference as WHSmith is offering a “buy one get one half price” promotion on the titles.

Here’s a link to the titles available to buy:


I have today updated my drinkaware profile online. I have been really keen to ensure I don’t drink too much alcohol and recording it is really making me more aware. Genius the clue is in the title! Ha ha! I am now and have been the last few weeks at ‘low risk’. This pleases me and I intend on using it continuously even if it is my birthday this weekend!

I have also decided to have a bit of a change for exercise. As I love Davina McCall and her DVD’s one of my friends inspired by this has downloaded her iphone app. I decided I couldn’t miss out on anything ‘Davina’ and have downloaded it. It’s brilliant. It has plenty of workouts that you can personalise for yourself and target specific areas. The workouts can be put to your favourite music and Davina even does little demonstrations. It’s timed and it’s short- only 20-30 minutes. Perfect for someone like me and those who don’t want to spend hours in the gym. I am going to start tomorrow.
Here is Davinas’ app:
As well as this I really want to get into rebounding more often. The DVD I have is quite hardcore so I have purchased another one. It’s called Box and bound. Following on from Davinas’ boxing influenced exercise this new DVD by Urban rebound is boxing on a rebounder. Got to keep interested and never get bored…

In the next few weeks there are a number of people doing charity events for my chosen charities. This Sunday my friend Donna is cycling from London to Brighton… good on her! And then in a few weeks there is going to be ladies versus men’s football match. The people involved aren’t close friends in fact I haven’t met most of them… I find this so touching and I wish them all the luck and to have lots of fun mostly.

I’m going to be working late today as I have my step daughter coming over to be beautified… I best get myself sorted… Ta ra. X.