Completely immersed in living….

Well… I’m back! It’s been more than a week since I have blogged and I can say I have missed it but I also didn’t have time to miss it. (Does that make sense?) I have been completely absorbed in Pete, my friends and the awesomeness of skiing and the views. Every single day I counted my blessings, couldn’t believe my luck with everything I was witnessing and experiencing and generally feeling very chuffed with myself.  That’s what holidays are for right? Completely immersing oneself into their surroundings and being present. That’s what I was… completely present. No worrying about home, work, kitty or anything.

But… as usual I m always so happy to be home. Maybe for the first time I have a little amount of holiday blues. However I couldn’t have skied any more. My poor little legs couldn’t hack it!

Getting home was an ‘interesting’ experience to say the least. What with all the storms and high winds we have been having the takeoff and landing tested my faith. I closed my eyes and prayed to whoever would listen that we would make it home in one piece. I kindly ask that I do not experience that again please?!

Now I am home I have a lot to catch up on. Washing firstly… there is a mountain of it and coursework. I missed a week of the health coaching course. I am ploughing through it today though in-between housework and clients.

Yesterday Pete and I spent a lot of the day eating healthy food and watching the Winter Olympics. We lacked a lot of foods that I love abroad, mainly as I simply wanted to indulge. (The cold weather makes me want to eats carbs!) The first Olympic medal for Great Britain was achieved yesterday and I felt so happy and overwhelmed. I love seeing people achieve great things.

Now we are home there is much to be done and much to look forward to. I try to live in the moment and not look too far forward but it does keep me focussed.

I am happy to have returned to my rituals and immediately did a coffee enema yesterday. I have to say whilst away I took the chemo drugs as usual. I felt very anxious about it but thankfully I really didn’t experience any side effects.

The only down side to the trip away was the lack of sleep. I am convinced it is a combination of food, drink and the mountain energy. Of course being back in my bed for two nights already, has meant I am feeling nicely rested.

So what’s next? There has been plenty of alerts on triple negative research all of which I post on facebook as and when it arrives. And tomorrow the scan results are in. I am trying not to think about it as I naturally get myself worked up and fear the worst. But I am trying to take my own advice and not think about what may not be and just keep thinking about how I feel today. I can’t change it I just have to deal with it. It is a pretty cruel situation to be in every 3 months though. The tension mounts and I feel like exhaling deeply over and over. Poor old’ Pete has to go through it too and it would be just amazing if all this hard work from both of us could pay off.  I feel great so if that’s anything to go by then we should be fine.

Till tomorrow… X

I’ll leave you with a little picture of me on top of the world.