Busy doing nothing.. but still can’t get everything done!

Phew.. well we got home last night after 12 hours in the car! Who’s idea was that anyway? (not mine! ha ha!) We are both creatures of habit so as soon as we go home we unpacked and prepared for our week ahead. Kitty cat was very happy to see us and actually sat on my lap for a cuddle… (where’s my real cat gone?!) OUr bed felt amazing and I am sooooo happy to be home.

Today I got back to my usual routine although we decided to start with a glass of water with a teaspoon of Himalaya salt.. YUK! Pete isn’t sold…I’m yet to make my final decision.

This week is quite exciting.. again. I’ve had clients all afternoon and although I feel like I am running around chasing my tail wishing I could get more done (I know, I know, I am meant to be slowing down) I actually feel my most calm when I am doing treatments. It actually gets me to stop for a while. I think it’s the thought of what I should be doing and what I could be doing more of and then I get myself in a pickle. Why oh why can’t I just learn to manage my head?! I really believe it is the key to everything. It is the key to being calm, letting things flow, and most of all, healing myself.

Although I am feeling overwhelmed as usual, at least everything I am overwhelmed about is stuff that I am going to be doing is for my highest good. Things to look forward to; reflexology, getting my nails done, visiting mum, a day with a life coach, a session with a medium (Ok a bit out there but curiousity gets the better of me), a gig on friday night by my friend. But the one thing on my to do list for future weeks has got to be doing less!!!! but there are things I want to do; jobs round the house, work on my website, visit friends and chat to family, learn to cook vegan, drawing and so much reading… Sigh.

I think too much. Period. What isn’t done today will be there tomorrow and is it that important? No.

Right I’m going to sign off and get myself a cuppa and wait for my Bear to eat a really tasty vegan curry me thinks. If only I could cook! ha ha!

Thanks to all my lovely ladies today. It was so good to catch up and to sort your brows out. smiley-laughing.gif