Cannabinoids.. a canSer cure?

Today I have been to a Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. It is the biggest coffee morning charity raising event with hundreds if not thousands of people taking part all raising money. I supplied some gluten free cakes… OK not sugar free but at least they were a little healthy! The thing with Macmillan is that you never know when you may need them right from diagnosis right through to end of life care. A truly worthwhile charity.

In the post I received a lovely thank you card from my friend who stayed last weekend. In it she enclosed an interesting article from the Sunday newspaper regarding a lady who has decided to stop having conventional treatment and now lives day to day healthily avoiding sugar and dairy and not being afraid of dying. She wasn’t given long to live yet she is still here and vibrant. She said that she takes a cannabinoid tincture that she gets from the USA. This is really interesting as I had been given some in-depth information about cannabinoids benefits from a friend in the medical industry. The challenge was, a year ago, where to get it from. I have decided to research this further as it seems it may have the ability to stop tumours growing. Obviously when cannabinoids are mentioned you automatically think getting stoned.

Here is an extract from a website that explains how cannabinoids work;

‘If you’re looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine’s active healing properties. In order to qualify as “CBD Rich”, the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumours and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduction in anxiety and stress.

All strains that are CBD rich have a lower THC content. THC is the ingredient that makes one feel “high” or “Stoned”. CBD acts to mitigate the “High” of the THC. For this reason, most recreational strains have been bred to reduce the CBD content. As science delves deeper into the therapeutic properties of cannabis, CBD is proving to be the most significant player in the art of healing.

I am really intrigued by this and although I don’t expect there to one miracle- cure- all medicine it goes within my belief of the ten point plan of combining different elements to get the best possible life.

I have also been reading lots of forums and have come across some really interesting survivors stories one of which has been helped by Julian Kenyon from the Dove Clinic in Twyford.

Here is a good article and advice on diet by Julian Kenyon. Now coming from a doctor it does help reinforce what I have already been doing;

I am really interested in having a nutritional test to see if I am lacking anything. I am looking to improve and want to really know what is going on inside me. Don’t we all?!

I am now getting ever more interested in meeting Dr Kenyon…..