Magnetic and mystical

Today after a day of relaxing and enjoying the sounds of music, laughter, wind in the palms and the splashing of water we decided to take a trip to Es Vedra which had been highly recommended a visit.

We had been told it is very mystical. Well that was enough for us! We had to go…

Its a small rocky island on the southwest coast of Ibiza. The island is said to be ┬áhome of the Sirens who lured Odysseus from his ship. It’s also the holy island of Tanit, the lunar goddess- Ibizas patroness.

Fable has it that two brothers had to travel to the island to collect rock samphire to heal their father of an I curable disease. In their way stood the giant of Es Vedra. The two brothers cleverly disabled the giant with the help of sea urchins and were able to collect the samphire and heal their father.

Whats really interesting about Es Vedra is that due to high concentration of minerals it’s the third most magnetic field on earth known to disturb compasses in the surrounding area. (Ours went mad!) It’s also said disturb sensitive individuals.

Apparently Es Vedra is meant to be sitting on top of Atlantis!

Some people experience a feeling of human littleness which makes it great for meditation. Some people have said they experience cosmos powers but all visitors experience a mysterious force that surrounds the place. We certainly did. (I could taste metal in my mouth!)

Such a beautiful place. I want to go back again.