Who IS Maria?

I spent most of yesterday feeling dread and sick to the stomach. My mind was running away with me and I couldn’t calm myself down. Bear called me from the car and told me that everything was going to be ok that it is unlikely the canSer has spread because I feel so well.

I felt delirious due to lack of sleep so by the time they came to take me to ct by wheelchair I could fall asleep sitting up.

I waited an hour for a ct and one by one the staff that would be assisting came and introduced themselves. Two nurses, about three radiologists, two anaesthetists, the doc who would be performing the procedure plus his supporting staff.. It was like a party. They all got together for a group hug and discussed me whilst I lay there on the bed waiting for the preliminary ct scan. It was very surreal.

The lovely anaesthetist came and said we would start by giving me something to relax… It was the best I felt all day. I felt really happy and so chilled.. Thank goodness. I was petrified before.  Then she said it was time for my ‘gin and tonic’. She blasted me with the good stuff and I was given oxygen to breathe deeply.  That’s all I could remember until I woke to hearing Dr Gonsalves voice in the recovery room telling me that everything went really well and that I didn’t get a pneumothorax! Yay! No chest drain and that means I can go home today!

I felt really woosy for about four or five hours and when transferred to the ward I didn’t have any pain and moved myself from the trolley to my own bed myself.

I had ablation done in two places and the entry nicks are placed one on my chest and two on my back.

I was on the ward for about ten minutes when my Bear arrived. Thank goodness. He went hunting and gathering because yet again I had missed dinner. He returned with plenty of food and despite not really wanting it I ate the lot!

The England football match kept me occupied for the evening and despite the disappointing result I was in quite high spirits.

I so wanted to have a good nights sleep but sadly this was not to happen. I got about three hours before the two old ladies next to and across from me starting calling out, banging tables, trying to get out of bed and shouting for Maria.. Who is Maria?

I have to laugh or else I’d cry but the highlight of my night was the lady next to me asked if she was here because she had murdered someone?! She said this was not the first time she had been kidnapped. Pahaha.

I did drop off again but then the nurses decided to wake me up….urgh.

Thankfully I didn’t experience any pain during the night and I had a shower to clean the pen marks and blood off me.

On my return the doctor arrived and said I could remove the plasters as the nicks are really tiny and will heal much better being uncovered.

He enthused as to how well it went. He said the top tumour really got it. They could really ablate that one. The one lower down at the back was very close to the lung wall and he didn’t want to blast that one as much because burning the lung wall really hurts and causes more infection.

I am booked for a ct scan this morning to see how things are in there as they can’t really tell whilst doing the procedure. All being well, and it’s highly likely then I can go home today! Whoop!

I told him that Pete is at an event in London all day so it would be much later that I will be picked up. He said in that case in between his appointment today he will aim to come up and tell me the results rather than email them to me.

Ordinarily they would do follow up ct scans but as this is being led by Prof Dalgliesh he asked what happens next? I said I have no idea but I guess I will email the prof and go from there.

To be honest I think it is up to me what happens next. I want more of the tumours ablated! Let’s blast the little buggers… Hopefully the immunotherapy jabs will now mop up the rest of the tumours and the immune response will be great.

So that’s that… I’m nearly at the end of this little episode and I can’t wait to get home.

Although feeling generally well I think I could sleep for a week. Being ever the optimist I have booked my week full of clients. Pete said I’m mad and that right now I need to ensure I don’t get any infections. Being in close contact with lots of people isn’t wise. You know what? I think he is right -again. I could really do with some down time. It’s surprising how stress full all of this is on the body and soul.

I can’t wait to go home though because I am seeing my lovely beasties for a belated birthday get together. And before anyone curses me and thinks its a bad idea, I think it will do me the world of good. I need laughs and love for the soul. I don’t have to overdo it. I can sit back and take it all in. The banter, the fun and of course the love.

Fingers crossed I get out of here today.