Another milestone……

Another great weekend passes and I have been living it up in London with my mum and sister. We met in London to celebrate mum’s birthday. I feel like I have been flying by the seat of my pants these last few months and there is still a lot to come.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been trying to get treatments booked as it has been way laid with one thing or another.

I now have confirmation that I am going to Germany for TACE with Prof Vogl. Firstly he didn’t reply by email then I tried his secretary who said he was fully booked prior to going on holiday but then I got emails from the Prof himself and he said he was available?! So I have booked two treatment dates a day apart! Eek! The thought of having TACE two days on the trot doesn’t fill me with happiness but it does fill me with hope. I know TACE works for me in my lungs especially as I am unsure whether nivolumab has worked for me (mainly because I have only had a few infusions and vaccines in the past couple of months unlike people on trials who have it every two weeks)

I have really spent time the last few days comparing the RGCC blood test results to the one I had last year. It is surprising that things have changed; such things as vitamin C which was apparently not effective for me last year, is now.  I do want a lot of the results deciphered but I will have to wait until I see the Doc. One thing that does worry me is the cell cycle rate- which states it is rapid….Gulp.  I should get results from RGCC tomorrow regarding nivolumab.


Last Friday was another milestone for me. It has been three years since I was told that the canSer is incurable and I had a life limiting disease, offering a maximum of two years. I don’t necessarily feel that it needs to be celebrated but it is a date that has stuck firmly in my head. I came home Friday from London especially early to see my Bear and to have the best cuddles. OK, some champagne may have been involved. (It’s the only way we know how to celebrate in style) We both feel that the fight is far from over but I am dedicated to trying to stop this once and for all.  Here is the post I added to our facebook page on Friday;

‘Life is all about the journey and not the destination. It’s about our fellow travellers. Not about the class of our carriage. Three years ago today I was told that I’d be getting out at the next station, just down the track. Bear said that he’d make sure the train didn’t stop and that even though it would be scary and I’ve had pain if I could stay by his side for five years he promised we could grow old together. So today looking back this journey could not have been more filled with light and love. Not just the people who hug me in person, but everyone who gives me love and shows me light in this virtual world. Tonight we are having a reflection that I am as healthy as I have ever been, that the Universe has smiled on us and that our love for each other, for you and for this life has got us over so many hurdles to this fantastic station. Everything is beautiful. Everything is right. And we only have two years until we think this will be a chronic disease not a death sentence. We couldn’t thank you more. We love you and put our arms around the world. Big hugs, Kitty and Bear. Xxx’

Here’s to the next two, three, five, even ten years of being fit and healthy and finally being able to stay alive without it being too gruelling. I have faith…… We must keep going!