The table cloth and crockery have been packed away.. I’m not welcome yet.

I went to Milton Kenes today to Nilam Patel’s spa to see.. wait for it… a medium… I know, crazy, out there. I’m not sure why I went. i didn;t look for it or long for it- the opportunity arose and I took it.

I met Ann, a lovely lady- very down to earth. She didn’t know anything about me but boy, she was eerily correct about some stuff… like hurting my arm the night before, asking who Pete is and many more very accurate details. I’m not sure what, if anything, I wanted to know but she was very honest. She told me I’m very loved and that I’d be fine- that ‘they’ are not ready for me (She actually said the table cloth and crockery had been packed away and I think the words, ‘She’s not welcome yet’) She used symbolism and said she could rowing in a boat against the tide, then a period of relaxation. She doesn’t like to discuss death but promises that she would’ve told me if she saw it. She said I’m doing everything right. It did lift my spirits(pardon the pun) I’d be lying otherwise.

I raced home to meet my mum and Peter then we went to the Players Theatre in Thame. As mentioned a few weeks ago a good friend put together a gig with a Tribute Beatles band to rasie money for Sobell House Hospice and to raise awareness for Triple Negative Breast cancer. Being hoenst, I’m not a huge beatles fan (my mum however is, from having seen them twice when she was young) They were brilliant! The attention to detail was immense. The lads not only sounded and looked the same but actually changed the way they played guitar accroding to their character. Paul McCartney plays left handed. I hugely urge aynone to see these guys if possible. Here’s their website;

A huge, enormous, massive Thank You to Sara Lepoore for makign it a memorable and happy occasion ( as well as spoiling us with gifts and meeting the band and for bringing Legs Larry Smith from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band!)

Had a late night but oh so worth it….