Breathing in the good stuff….

The day started in the normal routine; meditation, yoga, supplements then exercise. I decided to bounce along to MTV then it happened.. I sprained my ankle! BOO! I am absolutely gutted to say the least. After the pain, I felt saddened that my routine had altered and then I won’t be able to exercise for a while. I tried to understand what I am learning from the situation so as not to feel low and negative. Learn to be more careful! No. Maybe it’s to teach me to have a few days to read the new books and magazines I haven’t got around to reading yet and have been on my to-do list as well as started to draw again. What I haven’t mentioned is just before I started bouncing I thought that I didn’t really feel like doing much exercise today then bam, that happened. The power of the mind?! One negative thought and it came true!..

I recently made myself a list of things that I like to do and liked to do when I was younger. Art was always such a passion of mine, that my Bear went out and bought me a set of pencils and watercolours along with a pad and board to work on. 🙂 He’s a good man. But they have been sitting there for near on a month without me even touching them. The sprained ankle was ‘meant to be,’ to slow me down and do things I love. Seeing the positive in the negative. Mental fitness- part of the ten point plan.

I have to keep reminding myself of the ten point plan. At times when I think am I not doing enough and simply thinking I could be better I go through the ten point plan and remind myself that I am doing as much as I can.

Popped out for lunch with an old friend and her gorgeous son(big boy as he likes to be known!) Life has so many cycles. We were friends over ten years ago and lost touch. I can’t believe I lose touch with so many people that I was once so close with. I am just so pleased that life brings those back to you that are important.

This afternoon I am waiting for a delivery of an ‘Airnergy’ machine. This is the ionised oxygen machine that I have when I go to Germany. On researching about it online I found it had been spoken about on ‘This Morning’ for its effectiveness. It’s great for anyone and everyone. The German olympic team use it. I thought as I want to improve my well being and avoid getting ill and get as much oxygen in my blood to slow down canSer growth that this would be useful to use every day at home.

Here’s how it works-The oxygen present in respiratory air is not reactive. In order to make the oxygen utilisable for producing energy in the body, the body must first bring the oxygen into its reactive state – the singlet state. However, as the body’s ability to use the oxygen diminishes with increasing age, through stress, illness and environmental toxins the body requires energy in order to improve its performance and therefore its healing and regeneration processes again. Airnergy helps the body to increase its use of oxygen in a natural way. It’s particularly good for degenerative diseases as well chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis and so on.

I’m looking forward to breathing in the good stuff! Take a deep breath.. Ahhhhh. x