Works doo as an honoury member of the team.

Today I have been catching up with a good friend and also off to have my nails done. I’ve really got into having them done and cannot believe the difference in the way my hands look and the nails are so much stronger now! Of course I’m still a bit fuzzy headed and haven’t started taking the chemo drugs yet. The reason is one; because I’m a chicken! and two; because it’s Pete’s Christmas works doo tonight and I want to have a drink without worrying I might get sick. I get to go as an honoury member of the team. Let’s face it I was working there for nearly five years and I still know what’s going on there as I live with the MD! Therefiore I am most certainly going.. it;s my right! ha ha! Plus I make up the girls numbers..Only four of us amongst 15 men.

It’s going to be a late night so I’ll give you an update tomorrow.