Navajo Indian rituals, Vegan pasties and being thankful?!

So with having a sprained ankle the idea was I was meant to have an ‘easy’ weekend. An excuse to snuffle up and read those books I am itching to read. Yet somehow I don’t seem to have achieved that until now. I really find it so hard to stop trying to get everything done. And by ‘everything’ what I mean is stuff that doesn’t really matter! Ironing, gardening, tidying up cupboards, sorting out my wardrobe etc.. I think to myself I’ll just get those things done and then I will sit down. The ‘energy’ this weekend at home hasn’t been brilliant and it’s all because of me feeling unsettled until now.

On the upside, the weekend has been filled with tasty food I might add. Pete  really has taken on board my vegan diet and has made spelt chickpea casserole pasties. OMG amazing! Then our neighbour gave us home grown courgettes and using other home grown ingredients made a delicious courgette and onion soup. I really cannot get enough food inside me! That’s the great thing about having this new life is that I don’t calorie count. Of course that is the last of my worries but really if you want weightloss simply make positive changes like I have and it will drop off. In fact the opposite is now happening. I am struggling to keep weight on! I never thought I would ever hear myself say that. It’s got to the point where I really need to have a wardrobe sort out as nothing fits me! Argh! (To all my friends rubbing their hands together… yes a wardrobe sort out -you will be benefiting! 🙂 )

For both Pete and I, the last 3 months (I know only 3 months right? Seems like forever) have been about changing our mind sets. The question of ‘what is life all about?’ gets banded about and learning to love, feel compassion and making different considerations now. We struggle with anger and fear.

Pete has even embraced different cultures in particular the Navajo Indians. On researching, they seem to have such a connection and understanding to the earth and the universe. It may all seem like mumbo jumbo to many reading but when in our position you want to learn and understand as much as possible. The material things seem unimportant and there has been a huge shift in us. He has read today about some sort of smoke ritual to heal the emotions and spirit. It uses sage which is burnt like incense to cleanse and soothe. This made me realise that I already do this in a treatment that I offer. LaStone therapy is a hot stone massage using basalt lava stones. It originates from Arizona but the lady who invented it was very connected to the Indian way of life. At the end of the treatment to cleanse the aura there is a ritual which uses white sage. It is lit and smokes, this is then fanned over the body. I cannot believe that I actually have this still and have known about it for about 15 years. In fact a lot of what I am learning or I should say re- learning I have already been taught about in holistic therapies. I have known all of this for so many years but allowed myself to lose touch. And that’s how I think I have lost touch with listening to my body, my heart and my gut or intuition. I have ignored the signs, and over ridden my deep feelings. I trusted others when I knew inside something was wrong. I am so thankful that this has given me a chance to wake up- to me. The real me.

Back to Pete. He has, from a child, been taught to follow instructions, so inspite of what his gut or heart has told him he hasn’t listened. This for him is all so new and we both seem to be waking up. We consider other people so much more. We love and are thankful so much too. We just need to get the right balance.

So despite not having the weekend that we had hoped for (Pete wanted to head to the coast but the weatherman got it wrong) I am now sat down and although doing my blog I feel that I am fully relaxed and feeling the love especially as every time I walk around the house I am reminded of the love from my friends and family from all the hearts that I have been sent.

I have quite an exciting week ahead.. X