Thank you Universe….

I was discharged from hospital Friday evening! Yay! I was delighted to be going home as I just couldn’t relax there. The food just doesn’t heal and nourish one and the noise is so great that unless you are completely exhausted no one is ever going to sleep.
But that doesn’t matter any more. I got home, unpacked and straight into my pj’s. My bed was calling me. But first a green tea.. Ahh..
I slept really well, my first night of many to come I hope!
I have felt absolutely fine but to avoid getting I’ll have to be careful therefore I have cancelled all my clients for this week. However this has just freed me to do more chores and other bits and bobs. I never was much good at simply lying around. Although I did achieve that yesterday.
Saturday was really fun. I celebrated my birthday again with some of my closest friends. The weather was scorching and we all lounged around in our back garden drinking and chatting. It was as if I had not even been in hospital at all.

I am very pleased actually that the entry wounds for the ablation are really tiny. There was no need for stitches and the bruising is minimal and doesn’t hurt that much. They can’t be seen either as they are within my bra area. I simply cannot believe that I can breathe so easily either. It hasn’t affected that and I have no sensations in there at all. That has to be good.

Back to Saturday. Pete was ever the host and made tasty food and cocktails for us all whilst we listened and danced to music. You know, nothing stops me from having a little shimmy!


By 10pm the sun was starting to go down. With it being the Summer Solstice and the longest day we wanted to make the most of it but to be honest I was pooped. I slipped off to bed then I think one by one so did everyone else. Pete was the last in.
Sunday we all had breakfast, made by Pete yet again, and then our guests left. We had a day of nothing planned. We cleaned the house, stripped beds and got washing on then once all that was done we just chilled out. It was bliss. Sometimes they are my most favourite days.
Pete was overflowing with love and cuddled me all day. For me that is bliss. Bless him. He really is a teddy bear.

Today is the first day of my week off and I have been quite busy actually. I had lots of emails to send and have contacted Prof Harris giving him an update on my surgery and asked for a ct scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis for the end of July, just before I am due to catch up with him. That will be three months since my last one.
I emailed Dr Nesselhut to ensure that upon my next visit the EBV virus vaccine is there. That’s the whole point of going really. No reply as yet but I am sure I will get one in due course.
I also emailed Dr Gonsalves, who performed the ablation. I had woken up on Thursday night filled with gratitude for what he had done, how wonderful the staff were all despite the horrible situation getting in the hospital. I want him to pass on my regards to all of the staff and to know that it was highly appreciated.
I emailed Professor Dalgliesh to reiterate where I am meant to see him this week. Apparently it will the oncology outpatients at St George’s where he will be providing me with interleukin 2 injections to start doing at home. Exciting.. The next phase
All in all things are pretty organised and I am really looking forward to my week ahead.
Yesterday was made better by ourĀ  wonderful friends bringing their new bundle of joy into the world…just lovely. I can’t wait to meet him and give mummy a cuddle.
With all the gratitude flying around I have been meaning to create a gratitude jar. I bought some pretty coloured paper, cut it into small sizes and have prepared myself for the next year to jot down any grateful thought I have. On my 40th birthday next year I will read them with Pete and realise just what a wonderful life we have. I know this already but I think it could be really heart warming and such a lovely reminder for the great and wonderful things that happen around us.


Right now.. I’m off for a cuppa and to try and relax…
It would have been better had I not just cracked my head on a cupboard door. That’s the Universe reminding me I’m alive.

Thank you and noted….