New research could be a two pronged attack

Through our research and alerts, which are coming in thick and fast, Pete has been reading about the possibility of a drug that can break down the protein on the surface of canSer cells specifically for triple negative breast canSer. On thinking this through Pete said if they combined that with cell therapy it is logical that it could kill the canSer dead. The drug would kill the protein that protects the canSer making it sensitive to attack. The DC cells could then get in there and kill the canSer….

With this in mind we simply had to ask Dr Nesselhut about it. Unsurprisingly he knew the drug and explained that it is of a huge cost but combining it with DC therapy it could be an option. There are studies already being done into this. This makes so much sense to us. Combining procedures rather than looking for a one pronged solution; this is a two pronged attack.

We also received a link of research regarding a vaccine in Australia. It seems we could be on the right track.

Every new lead gives hope.

I was reading a letter by another canSer survivor in my therapist magazine. As a therapist with canSer she too has taken it head on and has her own blog called mommyoneboob.

I decided to contact her and share some news and basically say ‘HI’. She replied immediately and we exchanged advice and tips. Its comforting knowing there are many other warriors out there. In fact I think there are more and more warriors out there all the time. It seems every where I turn canSer survivors are getting savvy and making positive changes. I would almost say that the general public are becoming more conscious too, but not enough. CanSer is still spreading like a bad smell and it seems we all know many people with canSer now.

I will keep looking and informing as many people as possible of my findings and in the mean time I am trying to live without thinking about canSer too much. I actually want to try to forget about the disease so that I can live a full and happy life.

I’m over half way on this round of chemo. This is my 16 cycle now and I now don;t feel any major need to stop taking it. Of course I would rather my body didn’t have to have it but it doesn’t make me ill and I embrace the healing properties it is doing to my body by attacking the canSer.

The countdown to my next CT scan is starting. Three weeks……

The weekend is inbound and I am looking forward to catching up on life and preparing for work on Monday…