Hold onto your hats 2014 is going to be epic!

Happy New year to you all!

The last few days of 2013 were wonderful and full of expectation for the New Year. New Years Eve was spent with our good friend as we sang, danced and ate vegetable chilli and drank champagne. The night was long but totally worth it seeing in 2014 in style at the Bear at Home. Pete saw a shooting star that evening and has made a very special wish. Let’s hope it comes true.

During the 31st December Pete and I decided to plan our new year ahead with visits to some of the places on our long list of destinations we haven’t yet been to. It’s going to be a great year we just know it and I have every intention of continuing with the good work I have been maintaining for most of 2013. The biggest commitment is to myself and to stay calm as long as possible. Right now I don’t feel any regrets and I have feelings of gratitude for everything in my life. I love my life. I don’t feel overwhelmed with things to do and I will take things in my stride.

New Years Day was a very wet and windy one so it was perfect to take advantage of the bank holiday and watch wall to wall movies all day long including the Sound of Music, a complete classic.

Today the 2nd January is different with beautiful blue skies and a crisp atmosphere. I have done some chores clearing leaves in our drive and we have been to see our old gentleman we care for by doing his lunch and hoovering his home. I have also started a new cycle of chemo today; a week late because we were away but I was told it wouldn’t matter. The dose has increased from 100mg to 130mg which is classed as quite high but I am confident that it will be fine. If not then I will simply reduce it down. I have today also contacted a specialist nutritionist to gain more information about eating a ketogenic diet as I have read so much about it and canSer. I am willing to give it a try if it can reduce the sugars in my body and therefore say ‘farewell’ to canSer.

As ever there are big plans for both Pete and I this year and it wouldn’t be New Year if we didn’t decide to make big changes to Pete’s diet and health. He already exercises regularly but now he wants to ramp it up and is also going to be completely alcohol free for a month. We have done it many years before so it will not be too challenging but it’s such a lovely way to see the New Year in feeling fresh and full of energy. Stress is a major factor but it;s hard not having stress when watching your loved one ill. This is something we will try to work on together this year to make life easier and more healthy. It is a known fact that stress causes cortisol to sit around the body and can actually affect weight gain.

Another thing to look forward to is the longer nights. Although it will take time since the 21st December the nights have been getting longer. This is Pete’s favourite time. He loves getting more out of the days.

We have been spoilt with love from our kitty and she is filling me with happiness every day. We are considering getting another furry member of the family. A puppy or dog would be great but kitty is my first concern so we need to think long and hard. We definitely feel the need to have another fur baby in our lives. 2014 could be a real change to the Grant family.

Most people make resolutions in the New Year mainly nutritional ones, to lose weight, to be healthier and so on. I think making too many changes is unrealistic to maintain and having simple things that will massively enhance your life will be more achievable.

Here are a few things I would urge everyone to introduce into their life to achieve a more cleansed and energetic body. They aren’t new things just tried and tested good options;

1.       Start each day with a hot lemon and slice if ginger if you fancy pepping it up. This flushes the body out and gives it a big of zing to wake up every cell in the body.

2.       Make wholesome unprocessed food every day. When preparing food make enough for the next day’s lunch. Think about making your life easier. Unprocessed foods have more nutrients and will guarantee you have a balanced diet.

3.       Be happy. Put on some music and move your body, even just a little bit. Moving and singing will lift your spirits and get you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead and relives stress. My step son plays his ‘shower music’ to get him going every morning.

4.       Introduce a Buddha bowl into your meal planning every day. This is great idea from Kris Carr. It’s basically a way of getting a healthy wholesome alkaline addition to every meal. That will help with your intake of proteins and those important veggies into your diet not forgetting healthy fats. A good all rounder.


5.       If you feel meditating isn’t for you at this stage, put on some relaxing music and simply breathe. Taking in extra fresh oxygen floods all the cells in your body assists with lymphatic drainage and gives you the sense of clarity and ease of calm in our gut that is needed to think about the year ahead.


My new year’s plans are obvious ones. I clearly am going to kick canSers butt and share it on here with anyone that wants to help themselves. I want to learn yoga properly by taking a course and I would love to go on a retreat holiday too. Maybe a fur baby will be an addition to our lives and of course I want to continue loving my job. Most of all I want to feel as well if not better than I do now by this time next year. It doesn’t sound too exciting but then I love having a simple life. …

Hold onto your hats everyone 2014 is going to be epic.

The build up to the Christmas Holidays… many things that the new year brings.

Phew, what a busy couple of days and it’s not over yet. I have an afternoon of clients before we get ourselves ready for the Christmas break. I’m feeling a lot better now but to protect my clients I have been wearing a mask to prevent them from getting my germs.

Christmas is a great way to finish of the year and it’s time to reflect on all things in the past twelve months. It is a time for celebration and I am thankful for having it. I forget all my worries about health and live like there is nothing wrong.

I have been in a present wrapping frenzy this morning and then I heard a thud from the letter box. I have received an early Christmas gift, a book from Mark Newey, whom I visited earlier this year for some ‘therapy’ shall we say. He helped me rid negative thoughts and did some hypnotherapy on me. He has written a book called The Naked ‘I’ Authenticity, be you, be happy. I was touched that he sent me a copy and I look forward to getting tucked into it once I have finished my current book. If in the mean time you would like to check it out please click here;



I have today received an email from a good friend who has a friend who is also TNBC survivor stage four (who has another friend!) who has been having a treatment in Switzerland. I am yet to get all the details but what I have heard so far sounds very promising. I know it sounds like I will be touring all of Europe at this rate but there is a bonus that I don’t have to go there all the time for treatment. Once I have more details and can explain it I will of course be sharing it on here. It excites me as it gives me more hope of a long healthy life and also the new year already had a lot to look forward to but now it has even more so!

Pete, I and his son Josh will be off for some winter fun soon and I hope to continue blogging over the next week but in case I am having too much fun to journal or if the wifi isn’t great then I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with love, light and sparkles. X

Ho Ho Ho!

Back from the Land of Smiles.. and still smiling.. raring to go in 2013!

A big ‘Hello’ to all our new friends! You are probably wondering what this website and blog is all about. We hope to bring two things into your life.

Firstly, truth about success, positivity and a plan for all canSer (deliberately miss-spelt to stop its dominance) survivors and everyone who is supporting a survivor, not just with triple negative breast canSer but all canSers.

And secondly, as you never know when you may have canSer or any tragedy in your life, to look at life differently than perhaps you have. To never “put off” the things you want to do. Never say “I’ll travel when I retire” or put off that romantic dinner, visit to loved ones, hugs or even spending an hour exercising or in thought. Tomorrow may never come, yesterday cannot be changed and now, today is all you have.

So welcome to Making Triple Negative a Positive!


Still reeling at the number of followers we achieved before the end of 2012… I have unfortunately been distracted and havent been updating my blog so I do apologise for leaving you all in the lurch especially if you have only just joined us. The end of 2012 was a magical one spending it by the sea in Thailand with nothing to do but watch thousands of sky lanterns and fireworks going off – just me and my Bear. Nothing fancy, not sad and no expectations or resolutions. I don’t need to resolve anything. I just need to continue doing what I have been doing for the last 6 months. I suppose if I need to improve anything then that would be to have faith and trust implicitly. I must trust that everything will work out for the best.


The holiday was just what we needed and for the first time in ages I didn’t even think about canSer. I don’t feel ill and I don’t look ill so there was no reason to factor it into my life just for that short time.

The holiday was different than normal mainly due to the weather. Anyone that knows me knows I love the sun and would do nothing more than bask in its glory getting a get tan and soaking up the vitamin D and heat like a meercat. Sadly the weather was as unpredictable as it is over here in the summer. I tried not to be bitterly disappointed and tried to see what I was being taught. And I did learn something.


Due to the weather meant that we went off exploring, leisurely strolls along the beach, sea kayaking in caves, and boat trips. One morning we came across wild monkeys that were very comfortable around us humans (so much so they climbed all over me! Argh!) It was an amazing sight and so very funny. Another day we decided to have Thai massages and came across a little hut with a lovely woman called Tik Tik. She was very generous and spoke very good English. She told us she had learnt to speak English by relatives of some of those that lost their lives in the tsunami who still travel there every year to volunteer and help the children. She told us in detail about how devastating the tsunami was. It was incredibly moving yet she was upbeat and wanted to give us the nicest time. We had some more treatments! Pete had reflexology which is nothing like it is over here as they use a wooden stick. He was in agony but bizarrely felt better afterwards. He said he was being treated by the Queen of Pain! Ha ha!


Before we left, Tik Tik kept holding my hand and saying to Pete how charming I was. Pete told her that I had been ill and she said that her mother and sister have breast canSer so felt the pain and sadness too. She was very emotional and kept sniffing me (thought she was going to kiss me on the cheeks but no, she sniffed me!) Then she told me she loved me and said I was special and to be strong in my head and my heart. She insisted in us returning next year and she would throw us a party and she will cook Thai food for us. I believe her. I am going to keep in contact with her by email. I felt incredibly moved and that was the first time I had been reminded that I am apparently ill. I had a few tears….


The holiday was the first time since July that I had not exercised, meditated (well actually did it once on a rainy day), practised yoga, juiced or done any of my rituals. I didn’t feel like it. I just felt free. And it was lovely. I tried to continue with the best food choices that I could but sometimes a pancake fell into my mouth by accident and I did drink alcohol every day. And I don’t feel bad about it. I am not beating myself up and thinking I could be better. I still ate a very healthy diet better than before and I know that despite wishing for the weather to be better that it was the first time in a long time that I felt really happy and relaxed.

The holiday was topped off with a huge high. We returned to Bangkok for a day before flying home. We had a day of decadence and sunbathing followed by shopping and eating and drinking. All my favourites!


I definitely want to go back and even felt sad when it was time to come home. The Thai people are so calming and respectful. On the flight I became overwhelmed and the fear of the canSer returned just briefly. Everything seems so much more magnified. The real fear of getting sick and no matter what I think most of the time it’s those little moments of panic that really get me. Pete snuffled me and said I am going to be fine and everything is working.


I did a lot of reading whilst there and finished the book Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr Bernie Siegel. Wow. I feel motivated and feel like this illness can be kicked no matter what I have been told. There is this excerpt that I liked;

‘To some extent, cancer is not a primary disease. It is partly a reaction to a set of circumstances that weaken the body’s defences. That is why when a doctor cures cancer or another disease without ensuring that the treatment addresses the patient’s entire life, a new illness may appear. .. One does not have to be a saint to be healed. It’s the effort of working toward sainthood that brings the rewards. As Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull wrote, ‘Here’s a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you are alive, it isn’t.’


Back to reality now though; I’m off to hospital this morning for my bloods and clinic appointment and to be given my second cycle of chemo. If it’s anything like the first then it will be a doddle. I believe I won’t get any side effects. Started the day off nicely though with my green juice- oh how I’ve missed it! Then I must get the Christmas tree and decorations down for another year. Tomorrow I will start my rituals again… I’m looking forward to 2013. It’s going to be our year!!!