Note to self- read my own blog! Happiness helps immunity….

I’m back! It feels like ages that I have been away and have written a blog. I felt relaxed, chillaxed and completely calm but then I let my head get involved and start wanting to control my life again. I keep forgetting that I can only do so much but relaxing and living is the most important thing. Note to self.. read my own blog! Ha ha!

Holidays are great at reminding you what life is about. The good times, expanding your mind, rekindling or reinforcing the love you have for your nearest and dearest and your better half. It’s also a time when most people get sick!

How many times have you heard of someone that gets the flu or a cold as soon as they go on holidays and they asume that they are winding down their body has succumbed to the illness? This is infact entirely wrong and Dr Steven Ray has conducted research which shows that it  is the stress caused by preparing to go on holidays that weakens the immune system so that you then succmb to illness. He did this research by testing the immune response of his unwitting students. Half of the class performed the usual syllabus which although testing was was within the bands of their ability and throughout their immunity remained around 90 on a 0-100 scale.

The other half of the students started on a normal syllasbus with consistnet immunity but in week 4 unexpected by cadaver work and autopsy was introduced as a subject and they were told that 2 weeks later they would be visiting the mortuary for real body work. Over this period of 2 weeks as the stress increased their immunity was constantly measured and dropped steadily to a low of 10, on the actual day.

To put this in context, the immunity of someone suffering from HIV is around 65. Needless to say just after this half of the class called in sick and it took them weeks for their immunities to improve and return to normal.

This proves being happy keeps you healthy. Happiness is the cure to all ills! I need this tattooed on my forehead!

Back to reality today and marching forward with more appointments and planning the next route to my treatment.