It’s always good to have more options….

Today has been another lovely day. Another filled with great TV, The Great British bake off being one of them. It makes me laugh that under no circumstances can I eat the bakes but I do love to watch them create! Another lengthy night’s sleep and the reluctance to live my wonderful bed but it has been another good day. My days do not have to be filled with experiences for them to be good. I simply like to potter. Prepare meals, organise bits and bobs, clean the house and sort through photographs as well as clients tucked in between.

I have been replying to a few forums offering my advice and experience to other triple negative survivors and have come across a doctor whom I have heard a lot of recently. His name is Prof Dr Vogl. Another German doctor who has a clinic in Hallwang near Frankfurt. He specialises in radiology in particular transarterial chemoperfusion or TPCE. I know sounds ‘out there’ right?

The long and short of it is this; It is where under local anaesthetic catheters are passed into the tumour, in my case, my lungs and a large dose of chemotherapy can be applied directly into the tumours. It is apparently far more effective than giving the whole body chemotherapy because you can a0 use a much higher dose as it is localised and b0 it doesn’t leave bad side effects and c0 can be done as an outpatient. Also he can stop the flow of blood to the tumours therefore making them die. Of course this isn’t a cure for canSer but can obviously elongate a patient’s life. I thought to myself it was worth investigating and found an email address to the Prof. So I emailed him. And within an hour I had a reply with him explaining that he could offer me the treatment depending on my CT scans. Well, well, well… this does give me options. I am intrigued and following my next Germany visit if my CT scan doesn’t look as I had hoped then I think I will send him a copy and see what his thoughts are.

So another option… it; s always good to have more options… Germany seems to be rocking great treatment.

I saw this inspiring article online earlier today that I thought I would share with you…

15 wildly successful people who overcame huge obstacles to there. Kris Carr is one of them J